The Giver

By Lois Lowry & Created by Isabel Martinez

Book Summary

The Giver takes place in a strictly supervised community. Everything is planned out from the start of your life to then end of it. This community has drained all the emotions of the world to better their community. At the yearly ceremony, Jonas was chosen to have the assignment of Receiver of Memory. Jonas will work with the previous Receiver of Memory, also known as The Giver, to use the memories of the life before sameness and help direct the elders into making the safest decisions for the community. With this career chosen for Jonas now holds all the memories of the community before sameness. Jonas can see and feel things that nobody else can. Jonas and The Giver work to change the society by developing a plan. The plan will send all memories back to the people so they could live a life full of emotions.
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Jonas is the newly chosen Receiver of Memory. With this title Jonas is able to have memories of past life. Jonas has to make the decision on if he wants to share the memories, and have all the original struggles brought back or continue having dull lives within the community.

Other Characters

Overral Rating

  • The book was good, but it wasn't as descriptive and action packed as the movie was. I like how the plot was planned and delivered. i didn't like how different the characters ages were in the book and in the movie and how the ending of the books was a cliffhanger but other than that i enjoyed the book.

Teacher-like Questions

1) What was the theme of The Giver?

2) What was the only memory The Giver kept from Jonas?

3) What was Jonas's first memory?