Ally Prendergast

Job Responsibilities

Aromatherapists use essential oils from plants that are inhaled or applied to the skin directly, as a method to improve mental, physical, or emotional health and can help with illnesses like stress or insomnia.

Work Envirement

Aromatherapists can work in doctor's offices, hospitals, salons, spas, or private practices.

Education Requirements

Education requirements include training through some post secondary institutions and private organizations. It also requires a completion of a 200 hour long training program. Some skills that are required include knowledge of history, safety, and the healing property of oils.

Average Annual Salary

The expected amount of annual income is as follows:

$40,400- massage therapists, could also be aromatherapists

$32,990- skincare specialists, could also mean aromatherapists.

Other Interesting Facts

**Some type of equipment that is used for aromatherapy: diffusers, dry evaporators, steamers, and vaporizers.

**Sometimes the oils are inhaled or consumed orally.