Crazy Eights

FBC Maud One Heart Student Ministry

Week 2 Theme: Pajama Night

Wear (appropriate) pajamas this Wednesday and earn points for your team. The crazier you get the crazier the points can get! Bring a friend and earn even more points!!! Come join the FUN!


Week 1: Team Name (already done)

Week 2: Pajamas

Week 3: Crazy Hair

Week 4: Cammo

Week 5: Super Hero

Week 6: Cowboy (NOT the NFL team)

Week 7: Pirate

Week 8: "Team Night" (team t-shirts)

What is Crazy Eights all about?

This is an eight week fun evangelistic tool for you to use to invite your friends to church to hear the gospel message of Jesus! All while also promoting new friendships, community service, and church attendance.

If you are not on a team yet.... NO WORRIES! Come this week and we will get you on one!


As always there will be Pizza at the church by 6PM for sale $1 per slice.

Free Coffee and lemon aide!