Where is Middle Earth?



With Austria's beautiful scenery it's hard not to choose this country to be Middle Earth. There are mountains and grassy hills that create the perfect picture for a sunset.This is a landlocked country in the center of Europe. In this region, the people speak German as their main language. Austria's culture is greatly influenced by old Catholic religion, but the culture there is very extensive and there is a lot of it.


I think that Austria is the best region for Middle Earth because it matches almost exactly what the book describes. It's grassy with the occasional hill, there are some mountains, it has underground rivers located in caves, and the temperature and weather is fairly nice most of the time.

Why is Austria the best?

Austria is the best place to be the setting of Middle Earth and the Hobbit movies because of its diversity. This country is not like any other. It has mountains, plains, caves, culture, sunsets, perfect temperatures, and farmland that the hobbit holes can be shot in. Can you find any other country with all of that? I don't think so.


When you finish reading a book and you find out that there is a movie that goes along with it you want to go see it, right? You then go and rent or buy the movie and find out that it is nothing like the book described and you get really disappointed. For example the movie Percy Jackson is nothing like the book and all of the fans got pretty mad at the directors. You don't want that whole scenario to happen with the Hobbit; now do you? Austria is the perfect place to be the setting of the movie and the perfect place to "play" Middle Earth. It has beautiful scenery and is almost exactly to what the book describes. The country has a lot of diversity and culture so that it's not the same as any other place. If you pick Austria for the setting of the Hobbit, there will be no disappointments and there will be no fans throwing tomatoes at you.
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World Body Painting Festival

Friday, July 3rd, 9pm

Pörtschach, Austria



This event shows lots of the Austrian culture and diversity.