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Hello BCCA Families,

Spring is my absolute favorite time of year. To see the brown, dead world come back to life in an explosion of green and white and pink and yellow. I adore seeing the daffodils pop their heads up and let the world know that better times are coming. That though all seemed dead and lost, God is still at work when we can’t see. Soon the irises will bloom, and these bring me so much joy because they are my grandma’s favorite flowers. As I watch my grandma fight cancer, it’s been a painful reminder that sometimes things get worse before they get better. Sometimes things feel hopeless and lost. But God is always at work. Always. Even when we don’t see it or feel it. I encourage you to entrust the “dead” stuff to Jesus today. It might be as simple as praying, “Lord, I don’t see you or feel you, but thank you for being at work during this hard time. Thank you for never letting go or giving up on me.” God truly can work all [dead, dying, ugly] things together for good and maybe something new, like the irises about to bloom.


Cassie Fristoe

BCCA Principal

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April 2 - Singing at the church

April 10 - Intramural (Soccer), 12 -3PM

April 11- Garden Day

April 11-12 Hoover Academy Mission Outreach at BCCA

April 11 -15 - Outdoor School

April 26 - Journey to Excellence, 5 -7PM


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Education Showcase Open House, (April 26), 5-7 PM

JOURNEY OF EXCELLENCE will be April 26. You are welcome to stop by anytime between 5 - 7 PM. Mark your calendars and journey with us through an exciting learning journey of excellence this year. Students' progress and work will be on display. This is an open house and students can invite family, friends, and neighbors. Come and see all of the wonderful things we've done this year! Refreshments will be served.
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Meet the Buttram Family

Our family this month is the Buttram family: dad, Ben, mom, Holly and their two beautiful kids, Ireland (10) and Graham (8).

This family arrived in Huntsville at the end of 2011 and began attending Central SDA Church. Their children have been familiar faces there, and this year, we were so excited to see them join BCCA. Here is a little about their family…

Ben grew up in Bryant, AL, attending Floral Crest Adventist Church. He met Holly while working in Orlando for Boeing and they married in 2008. His current job is engineering calibration for Blue Origin, calibrating the tools to work on rocket engines.

Holly, was an ER nurse working for Florida Hospital when she met Ben. Originally, she is from Reading PA, but moved around a lot within the Midwest and graduated from Union in Nebraska. She has also been a travel nurse.

Ireland attended Greengate while Graham was homeschooled before enrolling. They eventually chose BCCA for it’s small-school, Christian experience and knew it would be a great fit, especially for Graham who has blossomed in Mrs. Boyd’s classroom.
“He loves Mrs. Boyd and thinks of her as an adopted grandmother…you couldn’t have asked for anything better,” says Ben when reflecting on this year. Ireland is also thriving, and especially enjoys the music lessons and the religious aspect of the school.

In their free time the family loves hiking at Hayes Nature Preserve and being in nature. Their favorite spot to eat is Olive Garden, because it is usually the place everyone can agree on. (I think a few of us can relate)!

Ireland told me she would like to be a babysitter when she gets older and also told me her brother loves math. We are so thrilled these kids and their parents are part of the BCCA family to hope to have them with us for many more wonderful years to come.

Thank you, Buttrams, for being our April family!

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Special Music at Huntsville Central SDA Church, (April 2), 11AM

BCCA students have been invited to sing special music at Huntsville Central Church on April 2. Please plan on joining us at the church that day so your child may participate in the performance. Students should arrive by 10:45 wearing black bottoms and white tops. What a great opportunity for church members and the community to see our school in action! It will be a blessing to all. A special potluck will follow the service.


Mission on the move! (April 11-12)

Hoover Heritage will be joining BCCA for a 2 day "mission trip" to help our school be the best it can be. They will be working on improving the driveway, the pavilion, preparing additional garden space, and painting. These are National Honor Society students who have earned the privilege of organizing a local mission trip, and our school is excited to welcome them to our school!


Outdoor School, Camp Alamisco (April 11-15)

Get ready! This year the entire upper grades 5 - 8 will be able to experience Outdoor School! Located in the beautiful area of Camp Alamisco, the kids will take learning outside the classroom! There will opportunities to learn about orienteering, first aid, and bush master skills. Special guest Ben Roy the Science Guy always has super exciting science experiments for the kids to engage in! Our very own teachers Ms. B & Mrs. Boyd will be teaching and sharing her love for the outdoors. There will also be fun activities such as canoeing, swimming, night hikes, bible trivia, and pontoon boat rides.


Map testing, (18 - 22)

MAP testing this week! Let's set them up for success! Good sleep, good breakfast, and PRAYER!


Time to Order Your Yearbook!

Yearbooks are almost done! In order to ensure a good headcount please e-mail contactlisa99@gmail.com or text 256 520-2655 with the number of yearbooks you would like to order?

They come back in 4 - 5 weeks. Pay when they come in. Yearbooks are $15 each. Thanks!


Have Your Children Outgrown Their Uniforms?

If you wish to donate, you may drop off the following items:

-used uniform shirts & bottoms

-used white shirts and black bottoms (for programs)

These items will be sold by Home & School at greatly discounted rates...upcoming uniform sale to be posted soon!


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Important Home and School Dates

April 8, 2022: Snack stand donations needed by this date, if you’re able. Individually bagged chips, apple juices and Capri Suns, needed! Thank you! Your donations help tremendously!

April 10, 2022: SUNDAY Soccer Intramurals in the field, noon-3:00 pm. In the gym, if raining.

April 30, 2022: Teacher Appreciation Sabbath at Central SDA Church. Please plan to attend with your family to honor our teachers. 11AM

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Taking learning outdoors

This month in garden class we tasted delicious spinach and cabbage we are growing. Those brave students tried the garlic and onion leaves to see if they could tell the difference! If you want your children to eat more vegetable, then help them grow their own. It is fun to watch them in excitement ask if they can try them! We then spent the remainder of the time planting peppers and tomatoes from seed in transplant pots. In 6-8 weeks we should be ready to put them in the ground!

Tearl King

Garden Coordinator


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Outdoor Nature Walks (Parents Testimony)

This past Thursday, Kenzie and I were invited to join the students at Big Cove
Christian Academy for their morning Nature Discovery Walk. The school has opened their doors to the community for children aged 4-9 years old to join the lower grades on their daily Nature walk. This invitation is open on the 2nd and 4th Thursday mornings of the month, at 8:15 am. Rain or Shine. This past Thursday, I signed up to participate with my daughter, Kenzie. We showed up at 8:15am, and were greeted by the school secretary, Jennifer Olmsted. She welcomed us in, and told us where to wait while the teacher gathered her students. Mrs. Boyd came and brought both Kenzie and I some spare boots to wear on our adventure. The kids all lined up to head outside. The kids immediately welcomed and gathered around my daughter and grabbed her hand to come with them. They were so excited to have her join them and be a part of their day. They made her feel so welcome and she never had a chance to get nervous or wonder what would happen. First, we went with the whole elementary school and pledged allegiance to the flag. Then, it was off to the nature walk. We tramped through puddles and looked for observations in nature. The students grabbed Mackenzie’s hands and they were off. The teachers were so kind and touched base with me, and made sure I felt welcome as well. After the walk, the teachers had the students gather on the back steps and review the observations they had made while on their walk. Mrs. Boyd sneakily added aspects of science and religion into the observations. It was seamless. I’m not sure the kids even realized how the fun things they were talking about were being made a part of their studies. After the walk, the kids filed back into the classroom where Ms B and Mrs Boyd did a nature journal, where each kid spent time to write down their observations. (Science, writing, and creation). Kenzie was given her own journal and the teachers helped her write her observations, and she was able to draw and color in her book. She felt like such a big kid, being part of the classroom. We were invited after that to join the lower grades in their chapel time, and again, Kenzie was gathered in by the kids and surrounded to make her feel included. On the way home (a good 30 min drive), Kenzie called and told her dad and Nana all about the fun she’d had and how she can’t wait to be in school at BCCA. My heart was full as I left the school grounds. I couldn’t believe what a blessing it was to us. I admit, I was reluctant to go, I mean, it was 8:15 in the morning. But, the blessing we received was immeasurable. I am still so touched by the students, and their exuberant welcome. As I'm sure you can tell, I plan to be there next week for the next Nature Discovery Walk.


Distance Learning Initiative

We have exciting news. This school year (2020-2021) we have partnered with the DIstance Learning program (TRUeConnect) at Atlanta Adventist Academy for grades 9-12. Please keep this initiative in prayer.

Click on link below to learn more about Atlanta Adventist Academy

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Thank you families for supporting BCCA. YOU make all the difference, and we appreciate your choice for providing a christian education for your child.