Kid's Konnection

Issue 7

End of the year...

Wow, every year I am shocked at how fast the end of each ministry comes! You plan and organize, and the volunteers settle in to their rhythm. Sometimes you fill in for someone that is sick, or you meet with a child that needs a reminder on good behavior. You worship with the kids, you pray with them...and all of a sudden, it's year end.

So many blessings happen as the year goes on, and so many struggles. It is always great to look back and reflect on the positives. Also, it's a necessity to look back and find the negatives. Set some new goals, strive for a new idea! The summer is coming, but my planning needs to amp up again for fall!

God gives us these rotations. Seasons to work hard, seasons to dive into what He has called us to do! Yet, He also wants us to have a season of quiet. A time of reflection. Time to be with Him and Him only.

It is my prayer that these leaders can soon rest in a quiet time. They deserve it and need it. They have served our kids well this past season and now it is a time for them to rest, listen and refill their "serving tanks."

Some may be back next year...I would LOVE that! But, some may feel their time of rest needs to be a longer season.

But, this summer please, PRAY.


~ Pray that they can hear God's call for where they are meant to serve next fall.

~ Pray that God will continue to bring forth the right teachers for our children here at Providence.

And lastly, be thankful. Thankful for these people, thankful for their time, their love, their gifts.

Well done each of you, well done.

Build your kingdom here, we pray!

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Here's a few ideas on how to thank those that have walked beside your kids this year:

1. Thank you notes

2. A meaningful memory of the year from your child

2. A special note or artwork from your child

3. Bring their favorite treat

4. Small gift


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Bible Memory Camp is a wonderful ministry that was started a few years ago. It is coordinated by MaryAnne TenHaaf. She chooses the scripture verses for memorization for the children in 1st - 5th grade. The volunteers meet with the kids in the classrooms, each week, to listen to the group and individuals recite their Bible memory. If the children would like to learn all the verses for the year they can earn a trophy with their name on it.

We give the kids trophies because it is a reminder to them of their accomplishment and also a fun incentive to learn all the verses. The volunteers are more than willing to help the kids in any way they can. They are great at encouraging the kids!

THANK YOU to each volunteer for helping the kids learn their verses this year!

Our Bible Memory Camp Volunteers

Here's a fun memorization idea!

Are your kids still learning their Bible verses for church or school? Do you like to give them verses to learn over the summer months?

Here's a fun idea! This can be a great way to help your kids when they are struggling with memorization. Repetition helps and typing can be fun!


Jennifer Sterk

Director of discipleship for Youth