Mrs. Huddleston's Science Class

Sealy Jr. High School

Welcome To My 6th Grade Science Class!

I hope you have had an enjoyable and relaxing summer. Middle school science is organized into three primary courses: Life Science, Earth/Space Science and Physical Science. The following information will help you be successful in science this school year. It will be a fun and exciting journey if you follow the rules and open your mind to the material.

Contact Information

Teacher: Mrs. Huddleston


Phone: 979-885-3292 Ext: 5059

Conference Time: 8:49 - 9:44am

6th Science Remind 101: Please text: 81010 @ehudd6

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1st Period - Class Code: o6xegso

3rd Period - Class Code: rustfio

4th Period - Class Code: jd2kbww

5th Period - Class Code: zjlzurq

6th Period - Class Code: epp4ixx

7th Period - Class Code: wmq5pnj

General Information

Welcome: I hope you have had an enjoyable and relaxing summer. It will be a fun and exciting journey if you follow the rules and open your mind to the material.

Introduction to the course: Science is more than just a discipline; it is a way of knowing, thinking and using that knowledge to explain the world around us. Some of you may think that you don't like science, or that it is too hard for you. Others already know that science is one of their favorite classes. I believe that everyone learns by doing. The lessons and activities in my classroom are created to provide you with multiple opportunities for learning in a hands-on, minds-on design.

Expectations: (link to district student handbook)

You will not do anything that will get in the way of your learning or the learning of others. You are expected to participate in laboratories, activities and class projects. You are expected to follow all safety rules.

Our Classroom Rules

In This Classroom

You Are Expected To Learn


Speak with respect to the teacher and your peers.

Come to class on time, ready to learn & with all necessary materials.

Interruptions or rudeness is NOT tolerated. Raise your hand to speak.

Exercise safety and caution when conducting experiments.

No running, yelling or throwing objects. No food or drink in the labs.

Check your work carefully and pay attention to the details.

Explore ideas and concepts. Ask questions to find the right answer.

Course description:

Introduction: Processes for Scientific Investigations

Unit 01: Investigating Chemicals

Unit 02: Investigating Properties of Matter

Unit 03: Investigating Force and Motion

Unit 04: Investigating Energy Resources and Transformations

Unit 05: Investigating Thermal Energy

Unit 06: Investigating Earth Materials

Unit 07: Investigating Plate Tectonics

Unit 08: Investigating the Solar System

Unit 09: Investigating Taxonomic Groups

Unit 10: Investigating Ecosystems

Sealy Junior High Grading Policy 2020-2021

40% of grade - Daily grades

60% of grade - Test grades

For further details on testing, retesting, and late work, please see your syllabus on Google Classroom.


I want you to be successful in science. I encourage you to participate in class and ask questions when you do not understand. I am looking forward to a very exciting and productive year!

Mrs. Huddleston

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