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Mens Leather Gilets Are Greatfor Outdoor Sporting Activities

Flight Jackets were originally designed for Air Force personnel to wear when they were flying aircraft in the First World War. The jackets were manufactured from goatskin or cowhide, and lined with silk or cotton and were very effective in warding off cold winds. This was essential as most aircraft during the First World War did not have covered cockpits.

Although the wars have long since ended, the popularity of the Flying Jacket has never diminished as various manufacturers are still engaged in manufacturing Flight Jackets, Gilets, Bomber Jackets, Ladies Aviator Jackets and other such pieces.

Gilets are considered as both fashionable winter clothing and clothing that is useful for practical purposes. Gilets are sleeveless waistcoats or blouses, and in the present day are sometimes called sleeveless jackets or vests. They can be either waist length or knee length and typically have straight sides. They began life as embroidered garments worn as a decorative accessory, but in the present day that are used as outer clothing worn for added warmth when travelling outdoors. There are many different designs of gilets available today such as fake fur or knitted ones that are worn for style, and also fleece gilets that are windproof and so preferred by sports people. Cyclists also like gilets as they have windproof fronts and mesh backs which help them to keep warm.

A Mens leather gilet is a sturdy piece of winter clothing and fashion designers over the years have come up with lots of variations in design in order to please those who are fashion oriented. They may seem like a pointless garment at first glance, as they fail to protect the arms when out in the cold, but they are actually very versatile as you can wear them over anything. For example, you can wear them over a long sleeved shirt, or a wooly jumper, or even over a coat for extra added warmth!

The Gilet works really well as a sports jackets too as it allows you to undertake activities such as cycling, fishing, and shooting with great freedom. A full sleeved jacket or another garment would really restrict movement, and so wouldn't allow you to enjoy these activities to the fullest. This is one of the great things about a Gilet; they can provide you with extra warmth without imposing any restrictions on your arms. Gilets with added pockets in are also fab as this gives you the option of carrying things too - perfect for fishermen or those who like hunting - or even ladies who just want somewhere to pop their lipstick! Gilet's are really versatile garments that look great on both men and women.