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Bi-Weekly Newsletter (November 21 - December 4, 2021)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

For those who celebrate, have a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this time with your family and friends. We are grateful for your child and for your partnership in their education!
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Thank You for Helping HAMS to Reset Expectations for Scholar Safety!

Dear HAMS Families and Scholars,

A sincere "Thanks" for talking with your scholars in an effort to reset expectations at HAMS. We have started to see a decrease in behaviors that cause safety concerns within the learning environment The safety of ALL when coming to school is our top priority, and we will continue to hold all scholars to high expectations for behavior.

Please have HAMS Scholars read the expectations HERE and continue to have discussions at home. We sincerely appreciate your partnership with us.

"Family Fridays" - Coming Soon!!

During the month of December, HAMS will be announcing "Family Fridays" activities. These events will provide opportunities for families to come to school and engage in fun for all ages! Watch your email and HAMSHoller for upcoming dates and descriptions of Friday activities/events!

HAMS Staff Member of the Month

This year, we have been recognizing a HAMS Staff Member of the Month! Our staff works incredibly hard to support HAMS scholars, and they deserve to be recognized. If you want to recognized a HAMS staff member, please complete the link below. So far, our recognized staff has been Ashley Pittman (Social Worker) and Erin Betsko (Art Teacher).

Grade 5

5th grade PBL: Meal of thanks project. Students are shopping to find supplies for a meal of thanks. They will create a budget (by adding and subtracting decimals) for the meal and they will create a circle graph of what they put on the shopping list. Students will take one food item from their meal of thanks project and create a food web.

Math (Haswell): All math students have been working to increase their math skills through Aleks topics. Students should be completing at least 5 topics a week- this is a score in the gradebook on Echo. Students have been working on adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals. We will continue to work through these skills and there will be a focus on division in the month of December.

Humanities (Parsons/Lawson): All students have been researching careers they are interested in and also putting together a monthly budget to see if the career they selected will financially support them based on the lifestyle choices each student made. Everyone also wrote persuasive paragraphs telling which career they felt was best. Please make sure that students are completing Lexia PowerUP.

PBL (Moore): Students have been working on a “How to Save the Bees Project”. They have researched why bees are important, why the number of bees has decreased, and what we can do about it. They have a choice to either create a 3-D model of a pollinator garden (which we hope to actually build at the community garden in the spring) or a blog post for the “Save the Bees” website.

Science (Schmitz): Students completed their Life Science Unit and are beginning to work on Physical Science Standards. We are beginning with Speed and types of Energy. As we get further into the unit, students will be creating and designing their own Light and Sound projects.

Grade 6

Below, scholars practice writing Cuneiform on clay “tablets”

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Math(Griffin)- This week, we have been working on Greatest Common Factor (GCF). Scholars will finish stations this week and will continue work on Greatest Common Factor (GCF) and Least Common Multiple (LCM) next week. Scholars will continue work on ALEKS Quicktables, ALEKS lessons (7 topics per week), along with assignments on ECHO. Please be sure to check grades and monitor missing assignments.

Math (Babb)- We are working on all things decimals. Scholars have found that knowing their multiplication facts helps them find answers more quickly. To help practice multiplication facts, Scholars can work in Aleks Quick tables. Scholars’ Aleks progress have been posted on a sticker chart. They have been challenged to complete at least 2 of the 3 courses this school year!

Science (Babb)- Scholars finished their Rock Cycle Project. They were tasked with producing a product that would explain the Rock Cycle to someone younger than them. They could choose from a Children’s book, a Comic Strip or a Newspaper or Magazine article.

Humanities- Scholars have spent the last few weeks studying Mesopotamia. The “I Can” statement for this unit explains it all: “I can explain how early civilizations (Mesopotamia) had unique governments, economic systems, social structures, religions, technologies and agricultural practices and products. The cultural practices and products of these early civilizations can be used to help understand the Eastern Hemisphere today.”

Science- In science scholars are continuing working with kinetic and potential energy. We are using Gizmos, Newsela, Brainpop, Discovery Ed, Kahoot, and Edpuzzle throughout the unit.

PBL- PBL groups are finishing their plans for how to help the community. After Thanksgiving Break each group will work on their presentation. Mayor Begeny, Melissa Blankenship (RPD), Dr. Cosgrave, and other community members will be joining us on December 13th and 14th to hear our scholars’ ideas!

Grade 7

In ELA with Ms. Lawrence, scholars will be working on their Performance Based Assessment. A Performance Based Assessment measures a scholar's ability to use the skills and knowledge taught in class. Scholars will be given a Performance Assessment Task after reading several passages and will have some choice in how they wish to present their learning. Scholars will have 5 days to complete this assessment and it must be completed in class.

In Science with Ms. Rogers, students are continuing to learn about chemistry. Over Thanksgiving break, students will have homework to do involving the Ohio Energy Project kit.

Each student will get a kit to install or test different electrical appliances at home to see how efficient or inefficient our home appliances are. Students will have a short Google Doc assignment to fill out on ECHO and this will be their homework for the week. In class on Monday and Tuesday, students will learn how to use items in the Ohio Energy Project kit in order to test appliances at home.

In Social Studies with Mr. Perkins, we have been learning all about the transition of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. Last week we did a CSI Julius Caesar activity. This week we did a mini-project where we made trading cards about a Roman Emperor of their choice. They will soon be on display in the room and the 7th grade hallway.

We are approaching the end of our unit on Ancient Rome, and will soon be transitioning into our Middle Ages unit: the time of feudalism, kings and queens, knights and castles, and lords and ladies.

In Math for the next few weeks with Ms. Fox, we will be focusing on expression and equations. We are starting to simplify expressions and solve equations for the missing variable. Students should be completing 7 ALEKS lessons a week from Monday-Sunday for homework; this is our online program used to help students grow in math. Please feel free to reach out through text at 614-710-4840 with any questions or concerns. Also, please have students check ECHO for their missing assignments and please come to class with a charged chromebook.

The seventh grade Enriched Math class with Ms. Lewis is wrapping up the unit on Statistics & Probability with a district-required Performance Based Assessment (PBA). This assessment focuses on data collection, analysis, and inferences; as well as graphing and displaying the collected data in various forms. Our topic is “How Do You Spend Your Time”. Your student should have spent the week of 11/15 – 11/21 documenting their daily activities. Students will analyze how they ‘thought’ they spent their time in comparison to how they ‘actually’ spent their time. In the end, we will have round-table discussions around priorities and how to manage time, obligations/responsibilities, and personal care.

Math Enriched students are required to complete seven ALEKS topics by midnight each Friday. The ALEKS platform is found on the HAMS’ student portal and is available 24/7 for additional practice, enrichment, and remediation.


  • Please make sure your scholar arrives at school with a charged chromebook or device. We are seeing an increase of students showing up without a computer or with a dead computer. This causes disruption to learning.

  • We are seeing an increase in missing work among scholars. Please continue to look at ECHO for grades and missing assignments for your scholar. Scores that appear in red in Echo are failing scores and need to be reworked and resubmitted. Scores that appear green in Echo are passing scores.

  • Please send your scholar to school with a water bottle. Covid prevents us from using drinking fountains, unless using a water bottle.

  • We are seeing an increase in students touching/taking items that do not belong to them and failing to keep their hands to themselves. Please speak with your scholar regarding the importance of keeping hands to themselves and respecting the belongings of others.

Thank you for sharing your student with us!

Your 7th Grade Team

Grade 8

Math 8:

Students in math 8 have been working on their problem solving skills through the use of equations. Ms. Taylor is encouraging parents to check students' grades on Echo so that students can fix zeros before it is too late. Quarter 2 is already halfway completed!

Social Studies:

This week we have been working hard on completing our Constitution Project! Students have been creating an outline of their own constitution. They have been thinking about important concepts such as Federalism, Separation of Powers, and Checks and Balances. We will wrap up this unit next week with a unit test before break.


ELA8 will be finishing out this semester focusing on vocabulary acquisition and practice assessment review.

Integrated Math 1:

Integrated Math 1 students continue to solve equations of a line, writing these equations in both Slope-Intercept Form and Standard Form. Time is being spent graphing various linear equations through methods such as rise over run, and x and y intercepts. Each student continues to grow with confidence in the Algebra work and classroom presentation/participation.

IM 1 students are required to complete seven ALEKS topics by midnight each Friday (the app is found via the student portal). Some students, who have not completed over 75% of the first course, will be required to complete 10 topics each week until the goal of greater than 75% completion is reached. Our hope is that all Integrated students are in the next course by the first of the year. The ALEKS platform is available 24/7 and should be used daily for additional practice, enrichment, and remediation.

Washington, DC Updates

The second payment for the DC Trip is due by November 23rd. The second payment is $175. The office can take cash, check, or money orders. Parents can also pay online at but there is a credit card fee when using this method. We look forward to this trip every year, and it is such a great learning experience for students.

Unified Arts and Leadership

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Family Meal Program

Hello, HAMS families,

Reynoldsburg City Schools have once again partnered with Children's Hunger Alliance to provide weekend food boxes to those who may be interested. These meal packs have 5 shelf-stable, non-perishable, meals (3 regular, 2 breakfast) and are available to students across RCSD. If you are interested in signing your child up, please complete the form below.

Students will be able to collect their weekend box from Mrs. Pittman on Fridays. If there is no school on Fridays, the boxes will be available on Thursday.

Please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.

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In addition to updates of events in our HAMSLetter, we have created a HAMS family calendar!! You can add this google calendar to your own by clicking the link below.

HAMS Family Calendar

Important 2021-22 Forms

Emergency Medical Forms

Reynoldsburg City Schools requires an updated Emergency Medical Form to be kept on file for every scholar. Please fill out the EMA HERE and return to the HAMS Main Office during Raider Check-in on August 17th or to your scholar's homeroom teacher on the first day of school

Food Services

Reynoldsburg City Schools Food Service Department recognizes the importance of providing
students with healthy and nutritious meals at school. The complete Food Service policy can be located at:

  • Breakfast—Reynoldsburg City Schools provides a breakfast program to all students in all schools in accordance with federal regulations. For pricing and menu information, please check with your child’s school, or visit:
  • Lunch—Reynoldsburg City Schools offers a hot lunch service daily featuring a variety ofitems. Menus and pricing information are available at

PaySchools Central is a secure and convenient website application that allows parents to add to their child’s meal account online using any Visa or Mastercard (including Debit Visa and

Mastercard). To use the PAYFORIT.NET online system visit website.

Please note that breakfast and lunch will be free for students for the 2021-22 school year, however, we are strongly encouraging all families who are eligible for Free and Reduced lunch to still complete the application It is still important for families to apply for meal assistance. This is what helps determine how much funding the school district gets for programs that help children, families, teachers and administrators. If your child has been approved for free meals and has a negative balance, you are still responsible to pay off the balance on their account.

Technology Acceptable Use Form

The district offers a variety of technology tools, computer network and internet access to students and staff. Students are permitted and encouraged to bring personally-owned devices to school to support and enhance their education. They are provided filtered, internet access for personal devices, but not direct access to the district's networks, including printers and shared drives.

With these privileges come high expectations for responsible technology use and behavior. All students and staff must sign the district's Computer and Technology Acceptable Use Policy in order to be granted access to the district's network and technology resources. Please review this policy and keep in mind that it may be updated at any time in order to accommodate rapidly changing technology.

The Technology Acceptable Use Form must be completed for each student prior to distribution of his/her/their school issued device.


Monday, Nov. 1st, 7am to Tuesday, Nov. 30th, 11pm


Thanksgiving Break

Wednesday, Nov. 24th, 7am to Friday, Nov. 26th, 5pm

Reynoldsburg City School District, OH, USA


No School. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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Student Handbook

Please download a copy of our 2021 - 22 School Year Student Handbook. Hard copies will be provided to families and can also be found on our school website at

Important Archived News


Prior to the start to the school year, the District announced that "all Pre-K through 12th
grade students, teachers and staff will be required to wear a mask indoors during the school day to help to decrease the transmission of the COVID-19 virus and its variants, regardless of vaccination status. Masks are also required for everyone who is unvaccinated.

All students are required to wear masks at all times while using public transportation, including school buses. This is mandated per the CDC and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)’s Security Directive SD 1582/84-21-01. This directive includes students using school transportation for sporting events or extracurricular activities."

We are seeing an increase in Covid cases among our scholars. We are committed to the health and safety of our scholars, staff and visitors to our building, and we need your help!! Many of our scholars are not reporting to school with masks and/or are not wearing them properly. Scholars are wearing masks below their faces, not covering their noses or are not wearing them at all. Please take time at home to talk with your child about the importance of wearing their masks while in the building and on our school buses and providing your child with a mask to wear when they report to school.

We appreciate your assistance in helping to keep our school community healthy!!

Mrs. Breen Slauter, Principal

Ms. Breen Slauter, Principal

Mr. Toby Quinn, Assistant Principal

Ms. Suzanne Robetoy, Administrator of Student Support

Mrs. Ashley Pittman, Social Worker

Mrs. Quan Boyd, Secretary

Mrs. Kerry Riggs, Secretary

Office Hours are 7:00am to 3:00pm