PCP: The Police Strike Back

John Rei, Ben Conn, and Michael Imbruglia

PCP (Phencyclidine): Angel Dust, Super Weed, Rocket Fuel, Tic Tac, Peace Pill, Shermans, etc.

Trust me, they're not smarties; and you shouldn't take them hourly. PCP can cause severe side-affects from dizziness to feeling invincible.

Physical Side-Affects of PCP

PCP can cause a rise in blood pressure and heart rate, flushing, profuse sweating, general numbness in the body, blurred vision, grimacing facial expressions, speech difficulties, ataxia, muscle incoordination, marked and analgeia, nystagmus, and anesthesia. In the anesthesia state, the druggy remains conscious with a staring gaze and rigid muscles.


PCP can cause many mental instabilities such as euphoria, calmness, feelings of strength and invulnerability, lethargy, disorientation, loss of coordination, distinct changes in body awareness, distorted sensory perceptions, impaired concentration, disordered thinking, illusions and hallucinations, agitation, combativeness or violence, memory loss, bizarre behavior, sedation, and stupor.


From the image above to the background of the smore, PCP looks a lot like smarties.

how it effects you

PCP can make a person feel like they can do anything alone and feel as if they are no longer in need of outside or friendly help. They become antisocial and prove that they can do everything. This major feeling of independence is good, but if taken to far, can get out of hand.

how it effects your family

The relatives of a person who constantly intakes PCP normally tries to help the abuser with simple things like taking their coat to fetching something they probably forgot, but all the abuser will do is reject all help, even though they can't help themselves. This leads family members to go into depression knowing that there is nothing they can do for him/her.

How it effects your friends

The friends of the abuser have to emotions towards the person. The first is agreeing with him/her. If the friend believes that his actions of self-confidence and independence are right then that person could also be on PCP or any PCP related drug. The second is the friend who tries to stop the abuser from using drugs and will also try to help him/her, but the abuser will always neglect the friend until the friend stops talking to the abuser.

who might be at risk

Well, seeing the drug makes you feel like you don't need anybody else, the abuser would be at risk. The abuser would always reject assistance and always try to do things on their own.

Why teens love it and why you should love it too

What can we say? Any drug can be addicting, but what's different about this drug, is the emotions you get. After consuming large amounts of PCP, you start to feel like your possessed by someone who knows what your heart desires. Almost like the good half of you melts away and all that is left inside is the bad half. it must make teens feel confident which is good for their hormonal stages and very low self esteems.

How to stop if your in to deep

PCP is a very powerful drug. It causes ignorance and extreme independence. Getting help is very hard if your in too deep
1.PCP can make you decapitate, butcher, or deveore friends or even random people
2.First made in the 1950's