Principles of Training

Keep yourself healthy

Training plan

The couch must follow a set of principles when making a training plan in order for it to be effective.

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There are five essential principles that must not be forgotten:

-Specificity: Training must be specific to what the athlet needs to train.

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-Progression: To increase fitness level training must be prograssively harder each time. If the body gets used to a training, means that you must rise it's level.

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-Overload: As we said before, training must be progressively harder each time. That can be easily prepared by manipulating the key factors of training.

-Frequency: How often?

-Intensity: How hard we train?

-Time: How long we train?

-Type: The specificity of the training.

-Adherence: Why carry on?

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-Reversibility: It's easier to lose fitness than to gain it. As we train, our muscles get bigger (hypertrophy). Otherwise, if we don't, our muscles get smaller (atrophy).

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-Tedium: A repetitive training can be tedious and demotivate the athlete. It must be varied in order to ensure the motivation of the athlet so it trains constantly.
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