VCR Lesson 5 Presentation

Sam Cohen

Fill in the Blink With the Most Appropriate Word From Lesson 5

During Passover, Jews eat matzah to remember when their ancestors were escaping Egypt and did not have time to wait for the ______ in their dough to rise before leaving their homes.
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The Correct Answer

leaven (n.)

  1. a substance like yeast or a small amount of fermented dough that causes dough to expand or rise
  2. a lightening or enlivening influence

leaven (tr. v.)

  1. to provide a lightening influence


levis (L.) - light (in weight)


First Definition

  • fermentation agent
  • yeast
  • barm (archaic)

Second Definition

  • energy
  • encouragement
  • refreshment

Third Definition

  • alleviate
  • relieve
  • free


No direct antonyms for first definition

Second Definition

  • relegation
  • demotion
  • flatten

Third Definition

  • weigh-down
  • depress
  • discourage

Choose the Answer That Uses the Word in Bold-Faced Type Incorrectly

  1. John had something about him that leavend the spirits of everyone around him so that they were left feeling depressed.
  2. Once the leaven was added to the dough, all they had to do was wait for it to rise so that they could bake it into bread.
  3. The leaven made the rolls so big that one roll could feed three people.
  4. She admired for her unique leaven that made people feel much happier around her.

Correct Answer

Number 1 uses leaven incorrectly because leaven means to provide a lightening influence instead of to depress.