social networks : DANGER !

Social networks are not harmless

We have to be wary of the social netwoks

Social networks can be dangerous because a lot of information are registered in this network and can be easily found by malicious persons. For instance, different information stored in Facebook or other network can be read by any potential employers. So, private data on our lives can be used against us. Social networks can also receive all sorts of e-mails. In my case, I received an infected mail witch corrupted all my files and damaged my computer At school, pupils can publish mean messages or compromising photos on their relationships. Some pupils can be the object of regular mockery, for example fat/skin, small-sized, red-haired students, in short all those who are different. These kinds of teasing can degenerate in real harassment. On several occasion, some vulnerable people can even commit suicide. Recently it was the case of Amanda Todd who killed herself after being harassed on a social network by her school mates.