C.C. Boykin Elementary

Library Services

School Mission

We, the Bulldogs, will be inspired to be innovative lifelong learners. We will strive to be respectful, responsible, and collaborative citizens in a digital global society.

Library Mission

The Bulldog Library aims to develop confident, caring, and creative students. We will develop relationships with students, staff, and the community to promote a love for knowledge as well as skills for 21st century technology.

Bulldog Library Program Goals

Goal 1. Increase student use of district digital resources.

Students will increase use of Overdrive, a district digital resource, by 25%.

*Students will receive training once each nine weeks on the features of Overdrive by the librarian. Additionally, the librarian will provide handouts with Overdrive information and link to the handout on the library web page.

*This goal will be measured using student checkout information available through data collected by Overdrive. There will also be a survey given to determine future needs and wants from students and staff for collection updates on Overdrive.

Goal 2. Increased collaboration between teachers and librarian.

The librarian will attend at least one grade level meeting per month for each grade level in the school.

*The librarian will inquire about current standards being taught throughout the month in order to help coordinate and develop lessons that will support the current state standard curriculum taught in the classroom.

*Results will be measured in two ways. First, an informal checklist will be used to determine if the meeting times did occur throughout the year. Also, a rubric will be used to assess the lessons created from the collaboration.

3. Increase community involvement in the library.

The library will host two family/community nights (fall and spring) to reach families and community members.

*The librarian will showcase what the library has to offer as well as have the students share some of their creations made in the library throughout the year.

*Attendance for both nights will be taken and feedback will be gathered via survey using a Google form on library I pads before the end of the night.