Wild honeysuckle solution

By: Elayne and Jillian

Solution #1

Get cows to graze on large areas and hope that they eat the honeysuckle. Swiss Valley would have to purchase a lot of fences. They would have to also worry about the cows' health and safety, so it probably wouldn't be the best idea. It would cost over 500,000$, but it wouldn't take too much effort.

Solution #2

The next solution would be to burn the honeysuckle around August. Using gasoline would only cause issues, so they eliminate using all other materials that wouldn't benefit the project. It would only cost money if the fire got out of control. It would take more effort than #1, but it would be more effective and cheaper.

Solution #3

Have people eat the honeysuckle part of the plant, then dig out the plant, and put chemicals so it only harms the invasive plant. It would cost more than #2 but less than #1. It would be safer than #2.