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Important Design Principles for Customize WordPress Theme Development

With the growing popularity of WordPress as the preferred website platform for modern businesses, a plethora of WordPress designers are sprouting in the marketplace to cater to the design, development, installation and maintenance of WordPress sites.

Bloggers and web businesses are enjoying the many features of WordPress that are benefitting their sites. There are effective web solutions with customized WordPress themes and templates.


Professional WordPress designers and developers are at one’s beck and call to install the preferred WordPress theme for their business or blog site. These WordPress experts are well qualified and highly trained to handle the complexities of PHP/MySQL to generate an open source content management system (CMS).

Many WordPress solutions can be tailor-made to fit the business needs. Multiple sites can be accommodated with just one WordPress installation. Businesses are happy to have customized WordPress theme sites that would reflect the company’s brand, products and services. It is important to have quality services, latest features and best practices incorporated in the WordPress business website that boosts the web presence of the company on the Internet. This appropriately designed WordPress themed site would draw more web traffic to the site for a higher conversion rate and bottom line for the company.

Design principles

It is necessary to identify professional WordPress designers and developers who have the right design principles for a WordPress theme site. Consistency in delivery is an important factor when seeking such professionals; quality service must be rendered consistently to ensure a continual operation of the site. This is where the after-sales service must be excellent.

It is desirable to have professional WordPress designers who have the client’s best of interests at heart. This is where a deep commitment to client’s requirements on their WordPress site is very necessary with a proactive communication during the designing and developing process as well as at the installation and training periods.
Complete transparency and professional work ethics are needed to ensure a smooth flow of tasks during the project. These professionals ensure that the desired WordPress theme is identified with the latest trends that would work for the business.

The right techniques would be applied to implement the WordPress theme according to the business requirement. A well implemented customized theme would give an added advantage to the business over its competitors.


There is a host of WordPress features that can be capitalized on in a customized WordPress theme development. These include design implementation, customized development, blog customization, custom modules development, maintenance, template and extension development.

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Varied Resources for WordPress Installation Help

Most businesses and blogs would have their own webmaster who manages the site activities and needs. However, some may require a little technical assistance now and then. A WordPress themed site may require the professional installer’s skills and experience in ensuring a smooth and accurate installation for the best desired outcome.

Popular resource

Most modern businesses and blogs today can do with a little WordPress installation help as the webmaster may not be familiar with the whole works of WordPress offerings or they may not have the time to work on this aspect on managing the site. Business sites need to be maintained or upgraded regularly to benefit the company. Upgrades and maintenance bring on freshness and renewed interest to the public.

Some sites may be spammed or hacked into; these would need a re-installation of the theme and template. Hence, some installation help on WordPress sites is possible.

WordPress installation resources include the setting up of the site or blog. There is a plethora of online assistance and guidance on the Internet concerning WordPress installation. There are many helpful individuals who have had the WordPress installation experience on their own blog site or business site; they are willing to extend their hand of help to others who need the knowledge and assistance.

Professional services

An alternative would be to secure a reliable and beneficial web hosting plan. Although there may be a plethora of installation helps on the Internet regarding WordPress, one may not be able to handle the installation smoothly for lack of knowledge and experience. Hence, it is advisable to engage a professional installer on WordPress sites; the installation fees are very affordable and worthy of the final outcome.

It could be just a simple charge of $10 per month to maintain the system configurations and settings. The professional installation services include securing the right official login data for access and posting. There is no technical knowledge and skills required.

Installation scope

A typical Wordpress installation may involve some system setups with HTML 5/CSS3 coding on a chosen theme that should be functional on the desired mobile gadgets. This mobile compatibility would allow many with the device to access the website easily wherever they are at anytime to boost business operations.

A professional WordPress installation help might include unlimited professional mock-ups and free logo creatives, home page sliders, banners, payment gateways, video displays and browser compatibility. Different companies would demand different WordPress features and themes for their site but the installation would be similar.

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