Study to Show Learning Academy

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It looks like play but it meets an academic goal: We are adding new learning materials, sprucing up our learning centers and making sure our space is warm, safe and inviting.

Block building - Mathematical goals (spatial concepts, problem solving, balance and weights, cooperation)

Stringing beads - Mathematical goals (correspondence counting, patterns, sequencing); Literacy goals (visual motor coordination, left to right concepts)

Finger plays and rhymes - Literacy goals (auditory discrimination, phonetic skills, auditory memory, concept comprehension, visual motor coordination, vocabulary development)

Concentration game - Literacy goals (visual discrimination, symbolic decoding, visual memory, concept development; Mathematical goals (matching and classification)

Drawing and painting - Literacy goals (symbolic representation, visual memory, visual motor coordination, creative expression)

I hope these materials have enable you to understand the amount of care and consideration that goes into to planning a quality and worthwhile preschool experience for your child. Please let us know if you see anything else that you believe will help our program continue to be excellent.


Every family that you refer to us, who enrolls full time and pays for 2 weeks, you will receive a $50 visa gift card.

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Family child care providers generally have the advantage in these areas:

Why are parents raving about Study to Show Learning Academy...I have given you a few reasons below but you will have to stop by to find out even more! You and your child will receive a free book just for coming to see us.

  • A home environment for children with lower child/staff ratios, which will help them learn more quickly
  • Individually prepared, nutritious meals
  • A consistent caregiver as the child grows older
  • A comfortable, familiar environment for infants with individualized care to help them thrive
  • Mixed age groups that allow siblings to be together, and long-term friendships to develop

Important Dates in March

Dr. Seuss' birthday party

St. Patrick's Day