Blackhawk Bulletin

May 1, 2016

The Race to the Finish is ON!


I don't know about you but that sentence leaves me a little panicked. As I type this I wonder if we have given all that we can to ensure our WvES students are successful this year and in life. I remember sharing my thoughts about how important every moment is earlier in the year. I hope that each person feels that they have given their best during each moment of this school year.

In looking ahead, let's embrace these 26 days not as an ending and a countdown but as a beginning. This is a beginning for our students to learn even more as we finish preparing them for the next grade. This is the time to put the cool whip and cherry on top! You have 26 more days to love on your students, make a lasting impression and help to mold them into a successful citizen. Our students deserve nothing less than our best!

Thank you for your dedication and hard work in preparing for Leadership Day!

Leadership Day was awesome! We had an enormous crowd, lots of support and great feedback! If you are not on Facebook - here is a comment from Alison Price that captures what I feel like Leadership Day is all about: Today was awesome! As a former teacher of some of the students in your leadership showcase today... I know their struggles. I know that these were not just kids that are considered "natural public speakers." Many of them have struggled with academic, social, and even physical issues early in life. And today they've found their voices! I could not be more proud of the fine staff, parents and students in our community. Way to go, WvES!

A special thanks to everyone who served on the Leadership Day Action Committee! I would like this group to meet again to review surveys and reflect. We will plan to meet on Wednesday, May 4th at 2:45.

Please vote for our next SUPER HAWK!

Please vote by Wednesday, May 4! A "Super HAWK" is someone who embodies the Leader in Me habits and works positively with all staff and students. This recognition is open to ALL Weaverville Elementary employees regardless of position.

Time to vote on class Hawk Habit Leaders!

Habit 6: Synergize Please enter student names by Wednesday, May 4th. Students will be recognized on the morning announcements on Thursday, May 5th.

Notes from YMCA

We will be having another Lemonade stand next Thursday May 5th. The kids are pumped about it.

You will have the a video for hat day by Next Wednesday May 4.

Also the promotion for BCS staff and camp is that any staff can send their child to camp Watia for 400 saving them 300. More information can be found online at our website or by calling the business office at 8282515910

Upcoming Events

Leader in Me Instruction:

May 2 - 13 - Synergize

May 16 - 27 - Sharpen the Saw

May 31 - June 8 - Find Your Voice

  • May 2 - mClass Testing Window Opens
  • May 2 and 3 - 2nd grade field trip (some classes going on each day)
  • May 3 - PTO Meeting at 8:15; Advisory Council Meeting at 9:15
  • May 3 - School Guidance Advisory Meeting at 2:45
  • May 4 - Steve Earwood will visit to discuss Roster Verification with grade levels during specials. We will meet in the conference room. Please see the schedule below:
  1. 11:15 - Specialists (AIG, EC, Title 1, ESL)
  2. 12:00 - 2nd grade
  3. 12:45 - 3rd grade
  4. 1:40 - 4th grade
  • May 4 - Leadership Day Reflection Meeting at 2:45
  • May 5 - Staff Meeting at 2:45
  • May 5 - Chorus and Drama Presentation at 1:35 in gym (grade levels will still have planning as normal). Parent presentation at 6:30 PM.
  • May 6 - 4th grade field trip to Lazy 5 Ranch
  • May 6 - School Lunch Super Hero Day - Students Dress Up like a Super Hero! Staff may wear jeans if they dress like a Super Hero!
  • May 9 - IEP Transition Meetings for rising 1st graders at WvES (conference room)
  • May 10 - Rising 2nd graders visit our school!
  • May 10 - 2nd Grade Parent Night 6-7 PM (for upcoming 2nd graders)
  • May 12 - Box Top Day - Beach Theme! Bring in two Box Top and dress up in a beach theme (sunglasses, visors, hats, etc.) Staff may wear shorts! Make sure students understand that they can't wear bathing suits!
  • May 13 - YMCA Hat Day to raise money to send one of our students to residential camp. Pay $1 to wear a hat to school. Staff may wear a hat and jeans if they pay $1. Staff may wear a hat and shorts if they pay $2.
  • May 13 - WvES Spring Fling - Mark your calendars now so you can be there! All certified staff members should plan to work at least one hour. PTO will have a sign up sheet soon! If non-certified staff members would like to volunteer, then we have a release form for you to fill out. Please see Suzy in the office.
  • May 16 - Early Release Day
  • May 17 - RTA Test Coordinator Training at county office.
  • May 18 - Elementary Principal Meeting
  • May 18 - SIT Meeting - Please send agenda items to Jennifer Shelton.
  • May 19 - School Test Administrator Training for EOGs at 7:30 AM in the Media Center (This is option 1 for you to attend)
  • May 19 - EOG and RTA Proctor Training at 10:30 in the Media Center (This is option 1 for you to attend)
  • May 19 - School Test Administrator Training for EOGs at 2:45 PM in the Media Center (This is option 2 for you to attend)
  • May 20 - EOG and RTA Proctor Training at 8:00 in the Media Center (This is option 2 for you to attend)
  • May 23 - WPS Leadership Day Dress Rehearsal in the PM. They will need our specialists so no Art, Music and PE on this day. They did not having specials when we have our dress rehearsal and Leadership Day.
  • May 24 - WPS Leadership Day in the AM (this should not impact us)
  • May 25 - EOG Reading Test
  • May 26 - EOG Math Test
  • May 27 - EOG Makeups
  • May 30 - Memorial Day - now an OTWD instead of Annual Leave Day
  • June 1 - Field Day (WPS will have field day on June 2. We may have a change in specials on this day)
  • June 3 - RTA Test for 3rd grade students
  • June 6 - 2nd Grade End of the Year Program 12:00 - 12:30
  • June 7 - 3rd Grade End of the Year Program 1:00 - 1:30
  • June 8 - 4th Grade End of the Year Program - 8:30 AM and Last Day of School - Early Release Day
  • June 9 - PTO has set up a "Pampering Day" for staff to sign up for sessions if you are able. Last day for teachers to work.
  • August 15 - School-wide Leader in Me Training
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