Teens Furious at School Start Times

By: Mohammad Abdulqader

New Disease

Do you know that a new disease has formed at our school? You might have seen the infected, slouched over and groaning while walking to class. The cause of this disease is all from lack of sleep, but the cure is as simple as setting back the school start times. Here are three reasons why we should make the cure.

An important reason on why we should set the times back is because of health issues.

More and more teens are getting sick from health issues that are caused by sleep deprivation.

According to an article by Ornes Stephen "More than 60,000 doctors who treat or study children state that sleep-deprived teens face higher risks of depression and even obesity" This just shows how school start times affect teens mentally and physically.

Another reason is because too many teens are turning into "Zombies". With this level of deprivation more and more teens are starting to be called the walking dead by there homeroom teacher. "An incredible amount of students are either sleeping or fogged out at their desks every day" states a former high school teacher. Imagine how much these teens get as their average. 50, 65, 75? This can make teens even more mentally frustrated.


Last but not least, sl