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Granger Jr. High - August 2018, Ed. 1

Message from the Principal

Dear Granger Parents,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Granger Junior High School, Home of the Griffins. The 2018-2019 school year marks the start of an important and exciting opportunity for our students to have an outstanding educational experience. Here at Granger Junior High School, our staff is committed to rigorous instructional and academic improvement. Our goal is to ensure that each student is prepared to meet the academic rigor of the Common Core Standards and to provide a safe and supportive learning environment. Our students will be exposed to a rigorous curriculum that will prepare them for success in high school and college.

We have mutual goals for your child: academic success and social skills development. By working together and monitoring your child’s progress daily, we can mutually achieve these important goals. Help your child succeed by insisting that your child:

  • Attend school daily and on time. Medical appointments should be made after school hours
  • Completes homework assignments
  • Read 30 minutes daily for Accelerated Reader
  • Is prepared with all instructional materials including having his/her iPad or Lenovo fully charged
  • Monitor their classwork/homework by monitoring their courses via Canvas or Jupiter Grades
  • Parents need to stay informed and seek out their child’s teacher or counselor when questions arise.

It is important for parents and students to keep up with grades throughout the school year. Grades are accessible via their iPads or Lenovos on the Canvas informational system or Jupiter Grades. Students who are new to the district will receive their passwords at the beginning of the school year. Returning students will use their passwords from last school year.

GJH offers many opportunities for parents to become a part of their child’s experience. Open House is scheduled for Thursday, August 23 which will allow you the opportunity to meet your child’s teachers and learn about the academic expectations for each class.

This will be a great year for your child here at GJH. As Principal, I want to extend a personal invitation to each of you to visit our campus to volunteer and attend our activities throughout the year. We are excited for the school year and ready for what’s ahead!


Arturo Montaño, Principal

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We ended 2017-2018 on an excellent note! Check out our accomplishments from the last part of the school year.

Knowledge Bowl

GJH’s Knowledge Bowl, made up of 7th and 8th graders, received 2nd place district wide. Knowledge bowl is an academic “quiz-bowl” where the GJH team competes with other Knowledge Bowl Teams across the district. Congrats to the team and coach/math teacher, Sarah Mancero. We look forward to more accomplishments this year!

Attendance Challenge

At the end of last school year, we came in 2nd place in attendance BEFORE interventions. After implementing some interventions such as, Saturday School, we placed 3rd. GJH strives to minimize the number of students absent. If your student is absent for 1 or more periods please contact the front office to report it as soon as possible. Thank you for your support.

Advanced Placement (AP)

We are excited to share that 25 9th grade students passed the Advanced Placement Human Geography test last school year! These students received a score of 3 or higher and will receive college course credit. Advanced Placement courses are college leveld courses given at high schools across the nation. This college credit can be transferred to universities in states across the country as well as internationally. AP classes are offered in a variety of subjects such as, English, History, Math, Science, Art, etc. For more information visit our AP information session during Open House in room 306!

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-Coffee with the Principal - August 9th. And Sept 13th

-Open House - August 23rd. Click the picture for details!

  • Join us for food and entertainment before OPEN HOUSE. Classroom visits begin at 4:45 p.m.
  • Don't miss our AP informational meeting open to ALL STUDENTS, 7th, 8th and 9th. Parents and students will have the opportunity to learn more about our Advanced Placement course and the benefits it brings students. Stop by room 306!

-Fall Sports at SUHi -- Granger 9th graders are able to play sports for Sweetwater High School

  • Volleyball tryouts began August 1st
  • Tennis tryouts begin August 6th
  • Cross country began August 6th

***All students must have a physical and clearance to tryout or join a sport. For more information on deadlines, contact Sweetwater High School.

-Anti-Bullying Assembly -Sept. 6th

-Progress Report 1- Sept. 7th

-Fall Break Sept. 24th-Oct. 5th

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Granger Griffins received iPads and Lenovos at the start of the school year. All students were given a charger, a case for iPads and the responsibility of taking care of them. We expect students to treat them as their own and to report all damages as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the device.

Students use a variety of programs on their iPads and Lenovos. If your child does not know how to get to certain page, go onto then click ONLINE TOOLS (top right) of the page to be directed to student links and login pages. (Link below). Additionally, these electronics can be used at home and can also be connected to your home wireless network (WiFi). Click the settings menu on both iPad and Lenovo to connect to your home WiFi or to check if there is already a connection.

If your student does not know his/her login please encourage them to let their teachers know. Teachers will be able to give them their information or direct them to the appropriate school personnel.

For parent login information stop by the Parent Center, Room 101, with Parent Program Facilitator, Rocio Baltazar, to get your own parent login!


If your child’s iPad or Lenovo is not properly working, please bring it to the Granger Library as soon as possible.

Owe some $$?

Don’t wait for the bill! You can pay fines at the Granger Library anytime throughout the school year.

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Credit Recovery

Students that are credit deficient are placed in Credit Recovery for 6 weeks. Credit deficiency means students are missing class credits in one or more core classes and will be ineligible for promotion if the class is not taken again**. Credit recovery is every day after school from 3:15 p.m.-5:15 p.m.In order to receive the credit, students must attend every day, accumulate 40 hours of seat time and turn in all credit recovery assignments. Every credit recovery class is led by a teacher who teaches that particular subject. Credit recovery is only available for English, Math, History and Science classes as a needs only basis. Contact your child’s counselor if you have any questions.

**Students DO NOT receive credits for any class where he/she received a semester grade of “F”.

AEC “Academic Enrichment Center”

Granger Jr. High’s Academic Enrichment Center “AEC”, is an after school program opportunity to help students complete missing and incomplete assignments. Students with missing assignments are sent by their teachers to work on assignments and receive assistance if they do not understand it. Tutors, both teachers and instructional assistants, are on hand helping students answer homework questions or review information they did not understand. AEC takes place from 3:15 p.m.-4:45 p.m. -- students who finish their assignments do not have to stay the entire time.


Tutoring takes place after school in classrooms with teachers from 3:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.. Scheduling depends on the teacher, with some teachers choosing to tutor up to twice a week. If you see your student struggling in a subject, please speak to his/her teacher about tutoring opportunities. Tutoring is Monday-Thursday for English, Math, History or Science.

** Important*** If your child is scheduled to attend AEC or tutoring, you will receive an automated phone call notification the DAY PRIOR to your student staying. Please do not forget to check voicemails/home phone messages for this notification. If your number is not up to date or are not receiving phone calls please call the front office at (619)472-6000.


PIQE Returns!

We are excited to offer our GJH parents PIQE Parent Workshops for the 3rd year in a row! PIQE (Parent Institute for Quality Education) is a non profit institution aimed at empowering parents and encouraging parent involvement in their child’s education. The program explains high school A-G requirements, reviews transcripts, encourages communication and gives you tips and tricks to stay in the loop on your child’s education. The 9-week workshops take place in the morning during school hours as well as evenings after school. Workshops are also given in Spanish and English. If you are interested in this great educational opportunity, please contact Rocio Baltazar at:

More information to follow!

Learn more about PIQE by checking out their website below!

Staff Welcomes

The Nursing Department would like to welcome students back to school. A a reminder, parents please turn in emergency cards, medication authorization forms for over the counter medications, medical conditions and/or physician orders for epipens/inhalers. Also, please bring in epipens/inhalers with physician orders. Thank you,!

Nurse Karina


Welcome to all new 7th grade students and parents! Ms. Rodriguez and are I are excited for a great year! We plan to start off the year with units on Probability and Integers. Important Events: Open House, August 23rd at 5 pm. Also, after school tutoring will hopefully begin the week of August 20. We are looking forward to working with everyone this year!


Mrs. Mancero & Ms. Rodriguez


Hello and welcome to Science with Mr. Marin! In this class we will to try to make sense of the world around us. Everything and anything you ever want to know will be found on Canvas. Please familiarize yourself with it and check on it daily! Additionally you are welcomed any time. Check on Canvas for the lab days and please come experiment with your child!


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* Note: This newsletter is published quarterly. If you have any questions about the topics discussed, please speak to the school.

At Granger we are dedicated to helping all students succeed through the collaboration of parents and community. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (619) 472-6000.

Our Mission

The mission of Granger Junior High School is to ensure that each student has an equitable developmental experience and literacy achievement as well as skills to create a foundation for personal goals, further education, career and college.