The Rainforest Biome

By Sophie

What is it like there?


You probably know that the rainforest gets plenty of rain. That's how it got it's name.

Where are they located?

Where in the world?

  • Northern South America
  • Puerta Rico
  • Central America
  • South Alaska
  • Western Africa
  • Southeast Asia
  • Eastern South America
  • Southeast South America


How Do Plants Survive?

There are many plants and species in the rainforest. It's a fascinating place. One plant is the liana. It's a thick vine that climbs up trees. Some lianas can grow more than 3,500 ft.(1,000 meters) tall. Bromeliads are another kind of plant that grows on trees. The large plant's leaves catch the rain that falls off the trees they grow on. Unlike most plants, bromeliads rely on their tree. Because their roots don't grow in soil, they dangle in the air. Bromeliads have a pool of water in their middle. They use that water to attract bugs which they end up eating. The bugs climb into the pool and then "SNAP!" They're gone! Pitcher plants eat bugs too! Another unique plant is the manioc. For people who live in the rainforest, this is their main source of starch. You might have eaten a part of the manioc for desert. You've maybe heard of it before. It's called tapioca. A very special plant's named the rosy periwinkle. Native healers discovered it helps cure cancer. It only grows in rainforests in Madagascar. I'll tell you about one more flower called the rafflesia plant. It's the biggest ppaIt Did know that most of the food crop we eat come from the rainforest? There are many more plants in the rainforest but upnfortunantly, I don't have time to tell you about all of them, but you can read Kids Discover: Rain Forests to find out more!

Animal Life

How do animals survive?


Food Chains

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