Beginning Band Newsletter

Week of February 12

Practice Records

Practice Records are due on Monday. Please take note of the increased practice requirement as well as the penalty for not practicing 5 days a week. If you have lost your Practice Record you can print another by clicking HERE.

Directors Out Next Week

Next Thursday, and Friday the directors will be out in order to attend the Texas Music Educators Clinic/Convention in San Antonio. Classes will proceed as normal and students will be playing. This convention is always an inspiring event that we are lucky to have in our home state. We look forward to bringing new ideas back to the band hall to continue to help our students excel.

No before or after school practice will be allowed on these days as supervision is not available. The Band Hall will also be closed for Target Time practice.

Target Time Passes

As you know, every Tuesday and Thursday we have Target Time at Scoggins. Many students have elected to come to the band hall to practice. This is fantastic! However we wanted to relay the new policy regarding Target Time for All Band Students.

Tuesday-There are a limited number of passes available for Target Time. These passes MUST be asked for prior to Tuesday. Passes will be given out at directors discretion.

Thursday-No passes will be given for Thursday. This day is for our lesson staff as well as director follow ups as necessary.

Please remember that once in a practice room the expectation is that you will stay in that practice room until the 3 minutes to the end of Target Time. This will allow time for instrument pack up. Students are not allowed to leave early.

Music Racer

Click HERE to practice notes and fingerings! This is an excellent way to improve your understanding of how to read music, and the fingerings associated with the notes.

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Scale Karate!!

We are in the midst of the second semester pass offs cycle. Students are learning scales and when performed by memory can earn their "Scale Karate Belt" to put on their locker. Please encourage your musician to race to be in the lead of their class! We love seeing all the "belts" proudly displayed on their lockers as they earn them.

Do you know someone that should join band?!?

Tomorrow is our Instrument selection event for all those interested in band, and we still have time slots available. Please spread the word to anyone who isn't in band but should be! Current 5th graders are the primary focus of this event, but any current 6th grader can also come if they are not in band, but are interested for next year!

Please share the link below to sign up!

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Upcoming Events

  • February 23- Cindy Bulloch in class all day
  • February 28-Booster Meeting