My Digital Dossier

By: Sreelakshmi 7E

What is in my Digital dossier!

What I use in my digital dossier is that I share pictures, videos, comments, posts and much more things which will go in my digital dossier. Even a simple google search can be added to your digital dossier. Such as "Washington buildings ", it will going in my digital dossier. Even before I was born my digital dossier was made because my mom or dad have been posting or sharing my pictures and videos of me. As my pictures and videos are added , my dossier will keep on growing and probably when I die it will still grow.

My dossier in my young life!

Most of the time I text my friends and relatives from far away or just around my area. I post comments and likes on pics and post funny pictures or videos. I use common search webs like google or chrome if I need to research anything. I also like to go on google maps to see different countries around the world. I look at home remedies for curing pain or sickness to help my family just by using google or chrome. I go on Gmail to email my friends in the school on how they are doing. I also use simple texting apps like whats app and hangouts to text my friends and family. All these things I do will be in my digital dossier as I grow in my young life.

Why I like to use these types of things!

I like to use these types of search tools and apps because sometime in the future we might not have these types of phones or apps like Instagram or snapchat like we do today. So its like a time to cherish what you have right now and have fun texting your friends, family and relatives from anywhere. Or even photos and videos of anywhere like Mississauga!


I use google to research on projects or if I need to find an answer to some question. Even to find the definitions of words and many more. I use gmail to email my friends about announcements or to see how they are doing in life because I often don't see them too much when I go somewhere. Or if someone is away in my class I could tell them what happened today! I use whatsapp because I can text my friends and family which is fun because we text and post funny pics or comments. I can see how my relatives or doing all the way from India, U.S.A. and Toronto!