The Coyote Howl

Campo Verde High School

Volume 3.1

July 29, 2019

Principal's Message

Dear Campo Verde families and community,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I hope everyone enjoyed their summer break. The Campo Verde staff has been quite busy this summer preparing changes for the upcoming school year. Campo Verde is a special place, from students to staff alike we all uphold our core values: Community, Value, Honor, Scholarship and we believe in Every Person, Every Day!

We are thrilled to announce for the first time in four years our admin & counseling team will remain the same; we are excited to continue leading and serving our Campo Family & Community together.

Campo Verde administration, faculty, and staff are committed to our unrelenting tradition of excellence. Our priority is "Every Person. Every Day" and we look forward to welcoming everyone to the 2019-2020 school year.

Go, Yotes!


Krista Cox, M. Ed.


Campo Verde High School

Every Person, Every Day!


Counseling Department

If there are any schedule conflicts will need to be addressed directly with the student’s counselor on the first day of school DURING THE PERIOD OF THE CONFLICT. Counselors will be available in the lobby to address schedule conflicts on Thursday and Friday.

Mr. Baker A-Da

Mrs. Harter De-Ho

Mrs. McManus Hu-Mi

Mrs. Schroeder Mo-Se

Mrs. Carpenter Sh-Z

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boundary change bus route information

If you live in the area affected by the grandfathered boundary change, please see the route pick up and drop off details by clicking HERE or by visiting the GPS website under "District Bus Information".



ALL students will be asked to sign an Awareness Contract on Friday, August 2 during 3rd period. Make-ups will be Tuesday, August 6 during 6th period.


Below are links to the 2019/2020 District Student Device Handbook and Device Protection Plan. You must acknowledge this information In the ANNUAL UPDATE in order to be issued a chromebook. A $25 Device Protection Plan can be purchased through InTouch in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Chromebooks will be issued to students on Tuesday, August 6th during English classes.



All families must complete an ANNUAL UPDATE through Infinite Campus every school year. Please follow the Annual Update prompts on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal homepage and be sure to click SUBMIT when it's complete.


First Day of School Schedule Procedures (Formerly Blue Schedules)

The process we have utilized in the past of having every student get a “Blue Schedule” in order to be admitted to class has been eliminated. Students should print or screenshot their schedule on Wednesday, July 31st, and follow that schedule. Students and parents are encouraged to utilize the Infinite Campus App to access their schedule as all changes happen in real-time. If students do not have access to Infinite Campus, we will print schedules for students in the library on the first day of school. Updates to Infinite Campus allow us to make this transition as all schedule changes happen in real-time. All freshmen will receive an accurate printed copy of their schedule at Freshman Orientation on Wednesday, July 31st.

Release Time Forms

Students that have a release time on their schedule will need to complete the Release Time Form and return it to the front desk within the first week of school. The Release Time Form is available at the front desk.



Parents and Students are invited to attend Open House on Tuesday, August 6th at 6pm. The evening will begin with a short welcome in the Auditorium.


Student Drop-Off Traffic Flow Map

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New Bell Schedule

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As we prepare for the 2019/2020 school year we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the Gilbert Public Schools Student Dress Policy, JICA. It is our goal to respect the rights of our students and families, while supporting a positive educational environment.

For your convenience here is a link to the Gilbert Public School District High School Handbook which details this policy.

Also, please see below a list of guidelines for quick reference, which you may find useful:

- Tops should have a 2 inch minimum strap-width on each shoulder.

- Shirts and tops should be long enough to cover midriff.

- Clothing must modestly cover under arm, back, cleavage, and chest area.

- Clothing must cover the undergarments and entire buttocks.

- Shorts, skirts and dresses must be modest in length.

- Shoes must be worn at all times.

- Pants and shorts must be worn to fit, no bagging or sagging.

- Prohibited items include but are not limited to: clothing identified by school administrator or law enforcement as negative or gang affiliated / clothing that references drugs or alcohol / offensive symbols or inappropriate messaging on clothing, backpacks, binders, jewelry or tattoos.



Students who do not arrive to their first hour class on time will be redirected to the sweep room. A parent or guardian must physically enter the building to sign in the late student, otherwise the student will be directed to sweep. Parent phone calls will not excuse the sweep.

While in sweep students will not be able to work on assignments, socialize, or use any electronic devices. Procedures will be in place for students to make up class work and tests they may have missed when they were in Sweep. If a student is swept on a test day, the teacher will allow the student to make up the test. Students who have an assignment due will deliver it to the teacher that same day. All students will be informed of how the Sweep program will be integrated into their school day.

Students who demonstrate repeated tardy behavior will be subject to the progression of interventions and disciplinary action in an effort to encourage and teach proper time management skills. Consequences for sweep will go as follows:

  • 1 st Tardy Offense: Students will be sent to sweep for the remainder of the class period and it will be documented.

  • 2 nd Tardy Offense: Students will be sent to sweep for the remainder of the class period and receive a referral.

  • 3 rd Tardy Offense: Students will be sent to sweep for the remainder of the class period and assigned Saturday School.


Front Office

  • The Front Office ONLY accepts school-related items for drop off. We do not accept - food, drinks, balloons, gifts, or flowers.

  • We do not call students out of class to pick up their items. They need to come to the Front Office BETWEEN CLASSES OR AT LUNCH to pick up items at the Drop Off Table.

  • If a student orders lunch out (Door Dash, etc) - We do not call the student or sign for their lunch. The student needs to be inside the office for their delivery.

  • If a parent needs to pass an item to their student, the parent and student need to arrange to meet INSIDE THE ADMINISTRATION OFFICE LOBBY - NOT AT ONE OF THE GATES.

  • No outside drinks allowed.


Health Office

If you were told you student needs immunizations, please turn them into the Health Office before school starts. All medications must be checked into the Health Office. Students are not allowed to carry medication with them at school unless the use of the following medication is required: epi pens, inhalers and diabetic emergency medications. However, these items must FIRST be checked in and accompanied by the appropriate form at the Health Office.

Medications may only be brought to school by a parent/guardian or another adult over the age of 18. All medication will be in a properly labeled container from either the pharmacy for prescription medication or in the original container for over the counter medication. Make sure to check the expiration date. Narcotic pain medication will not be administered at school.

If a medication needs to be administered daily or is a prescription medication, a “Request for School Administration of Medication” form must be completed by both the parent/guardian and doctor before medication may be administered at school. This includes any over the counter medication that indicates it is not to be given to anyone under the age of 18, usually medication containing aspirin (example: Excedrin). This form is available HERE. Please contact the Health Office for any questions.

Teen Lifeline 602-248-8336 (Teen) You’re not alone!


Student Clubs

Student Club Brochure

Link to student club/sponsor brochure



Bookstore Hours:

Monday - Friday 7AM - 2:30PM

except Wednesdays 7AM- 1:30PM

In the bookstore, you can pay all class fees and purchase the following items:

PE Shirt (cotton) - $15

PE Shirt (Dri-Fit) - $20

PE Shorts (Mesh) - $15

Sport Tek Girls (Shorter) Shorts - $20

Dance Shirts - $15

Dance/Yoga Capris - $25

Yoga Shirts - $15

Yoga Shorts - $20

PE Locks - $5.00



If you plan on participating in any sports at Campo Verde, our athletic packet is online through Register My Athlete. A new physical will need to be completed for the 2019-20 school year. Fall Sports begin August 12th (Badminton, Cross Country, Golf, Swim& Dive, Girls Volleyball) with the exception of Football that began on July 29th. Freshmen Cheer tryouts clinics will be August 7th, 8th and the tryout date will be August 9th. Winter Sports begin on November 4th (Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling) and Spring Sports begin February 10th (Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Track and Field , Boys Volleyball, Beach Volleybll).