Gay Rights Movement

by Colby Haws

Gay Rights

Gay marriage has been legal in north America since 2015 meaning gay or lesbian people are allowed to get marry but there are still people who don’t like it all over the world people are fighting to get married in most places people will be arrested for have a relationship with the same sex. people all over the world people are leaving there homes to come to places where they are excepted to be who they want to be and marry who they want to marry.

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the Stonewall Inn

In new York city 1969 at the stonewall inn gay men and women were done being harassed by police out side the gay bar and took a stand. thousands of people showed up and threw rocks and rioted around the bar making the police retreat into it after a night of fighting everything changed for the gay community . many gay right organisation were made after that like the LGBT organization.
Stonewall Veterans Talk About the Night That Changed The World - Stonewall: Profiles of Pride

Matthew Shepards story

a young man named Mathew Shepard was pistol whipped beaten up and burned by two men who were pretending to be his friends. they did this because he was gay he later died of his injuries . this lead to many gay hate crimes being made and many celebrity supported gay right organization. in 2009 Barak Obama signed the Matthew Shepherd's act making a law making gay hate crimes illegal and had more consequences.