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Winter/Spring 2021

Welcome to Winter at Ligon (whether you are home or at school)!

At Ligon, we believe that the best learning is embedded in nature!

Join Ranger Jason as he once again brings Lessons from Ligon! This winter he is exploring different topics and activities related to nature focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Resource and material links are also provided below.

Teaching students remotely and wish they could have some hands-on supplies to go with these videos? The MiSTEM Network is supporting virtual learners (and teachers!) by providing supplies for each of these lessons. Click on the link below for more information!


MiSTEM Network Supply Grant: APPLY NOW!

Click here to apply for the MiSTEM Mini-Grant and receive supplies. Priority will be given to remote learners, but all are welcome to apply. These supplies were purchased under a grant awarded by the Michigan Department of Education.

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The Genesee County Educational Foundation (GCEF) has been a dedicated supporter of Ligon Outdoor Center throughout the years. Due to a recent, generous donation from GCEF, Ligon obtained several brand new pairs of snowshoes for all ages!

We would like to invite you to bring your students to Ligon to experience the beautiful winter wonderland that awaits you! Click here to make a reservation to visit Ligon.

For districts unable to come out to Ligon, we have implemented a "Snowshoe on Loan" program that allows your students to experience this exciting winter activity without leaving your school! For more information on how your school can participate with an on-site snowshoeing experience, please contact or call (810) 560-2187.

In the meantime, please enjoy the following video where Ranger Jason explains the basics of snowshoeing!

Snow Shoeing with Ranger Jason
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CD Air Gliders

In this video, we take a look at our CD Air Glider Activity. What are Newton's three laws of motion? Students can build this CD Air Glider and follow the activity to find out!
CD Air Gliders Activity
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Building Straw Rockets

In this video, we take a look at our Straw Rocket Activity where students can experiment by comparing the effectiveness of different rocket designs. By tracking and comparing the distance these rockets have traveled, students will have a chance to analyze data and see which designs work best.
Building Straw Rockets with Ranger Jason
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Compost Kits

Have your students utilize a Compost Kit and learn how your leftovers decompose in soil over a long period of time!
Compost Kits for Your Classroom
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Resources for Newly Released STEM Videos

Click here for a Google Document that contains further information for the CD Air Gliders, Straw Rockets, and Composting Kit lessons.

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Lessons From Ligon Introduction & Nature Scavenger Hunt!

Introduction to Ligon Outdoor Center | Scavenger Hunt Activity

Ranger in the Classroom

In response to COVID-19, the Ligon Outdoor Center is taking necessary precautions to help protect its visitors and staff. If your classroom is unable to visit Ligon, don't worry. Ranger Jason can come to your classroom!
Ranger in the Classroom

Tools for Survival... What's in Your Kit?

Assembling your survival kit - useful tips from Ranger Jason for what materials are helpful to take when adventuring into the wilderness.
Assembling Your Survival Kit | Basic Survival Skills
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Survival Skills - Shelter Building

Ranger Jason explores options and different ways to assemble wilderness shelters to protect against the elements.
How to Build Shelter in the Wild | Basic Survival Skills
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It's GREAT to Hydrate!

Let evaporation do the work! Ranger Jason explores the process of water purification to collect safe drinking water in the wilderness.
How to Build a Solar Still | Basic Survival Skills
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Fun With The Sun!

Watch as Ranger Jason shows you how to harnesses the power of the sun to cook up a treat or to create an art project!
How to Build a Solar Oven | Basic Survival Skills
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Build Your Own Boomerang!

With a printable template, Ranger Jason demonstrates how to assemble a DIY boomerang while explaining the technologies of flight that allow the boomerang to fly.
How to Build a Boomerang | Learn the Technologies of Flight
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Food Chains and Predator/Prey - Owl Pellet Activity

Ranger Jason discusses relationship between predator/prey, owl's diet and digestion and demonstrates an owl pellet dissection!
Dissecting Owl Pellets with Ranger Jason
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This One's for the Birds!

Ranger Jason explains and introduces the basics of ornithology - the study of birds!
Ornithology | Studying Birds with Ranger Jason
photos of oriole, cardinal, blue jay and yellow finch

Trees, Please!

Ranger Jason explores tree, leaf and plant identification.
How to Identify Poison Ivy | Trees and Leaf Identification at Ligon
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Stay as Busy as a Bee...with Entomology!

Ranger Jason introduces entomology - the study of insects! He explores the good, the bad and the interesting...
Entomology | Studying Insects at Ligon
black and white outlines of various insects

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