chapter 1,2,3 of yr 7 re

by jack wilson

chapter 1

Freedom is the power to act or not to act, and so to perform
deliberate acts of one's own. Freedom attains perfection.

Responsible people are people who reflect before making decisions that affect themselves and others. They display characteristics that show they care about the consequences of their actions and decisions.

  • God has given people the gift of choice

  • The characteristics of responsible people

  • God trusts people to use the freedom to choose in good and loving ways

  • People are able to choose good or evil

chapter 2

god has given use the chose to love and care for how ever i wont

  • God has given people the gift of conscience

  • Conscience guides people

  • People have a conscience to help them search for answers to life’s questions

  • People need to develop the freedom to do good

  • Virtues and vices

chapter 3

god gave us freedom to trust and believe in the holy spirit and that we can trust the holy spirit

  • Jesus always did what was good.

  • Jesus demonstrated virtues in his choices.

  • Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to help people to use their freedom of choice wisely.