Providence Hall Junior High

Spoooky Edition 10/25-10/29

3-year-old unbothered by missing Halloween candy

A Halloween Hug

Happy Sunday Patriots,

Can you believe that the first quarter and this glorious week of Fall Break have already come to an end? I hope you were all able to make some new memories, and are rested and ready for the sprint to Thanksgiving.

Personally, I just enjoyed the time getting our house cleaned up, tending to Franklin the crazy puppy, and celebrating my 23rd wedding anniversary with Mr. Summers.

During the break, I stumbled across this video, and it melted my heart into a puddle on the ground. It has made me wonder what the world would be like if we were all able to react like this little boy when someone eats all of our candy? I'll bet it would be something amazing to behold.

As you go into this next quarter of school and life, I urge all of us to try to be quicker to forgive and love than we are to anger and judgment.

I promise, your heart will thank you later.

See you in the morning Patriots!

As always Patriots...

You are loved!

Mrs. Summers

Mrs. Turley

Mr. Hawkins.

Spirit Week Starts TOMORROW

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A Word and Reminder From Nutrition Services

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Dear Friends,

We have discovered that when we are serving lunch, our lunch lines are moving slower than a sloth in the middle of winter stuck in ice. We are working to improve our timing and noticed that most of our students are not using their student ID's or PBIS cards. With the noise in the cafeteria, it means we have to ask students 2-3 times for their lunch numbers, which slows up the line even more.

When most of the students use their cards, our wait time for lunch is only 5-7 min long, which allows them about 20-25 minutes to eat and socialize. We are asking if you would please speak with your students and help them remember to bring their cards to school each day! Please explain why it's so important for them to have them. I want to give each and every student ample time to eat and socialize with their friends since lunchtime is really the only time of day they have during school to do this.

Also, due to our staffing shortage, we have been forced to close the Snack Shack for the time being. As soon as we can fill our open position we will be able to reopen the Snack Shack. We are hoping we can fill this position soon!

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