Peruvian Life

By: Danielle Hepler

Family Structure

  • Nuclear families with 3-5 children
  • Extended families typically live near by
  • Couples usually move in until they can afford to live on their own
  • Single children live with their parents

Child/Parent Relationship

  • The mother is mostly in charge
  • The father is expected to work
  • The mother will usually watch over the children and their activities througout the day
  • The father is only asked permission for major issues
  • In most cases, the women do not work.

Gender Roles

  • Children typically begin chores at the age of eight
  • Girls usually work in the kitchen
  • Boys do more physically challenging jobs
  • When the children grow up they are expected to care for their parents retirement.

Why Peruvians Are Differnt From Other Countries

  • Many Peruvians have a close relationship with their very distant relatives

Peruvian Belief on Family

  • Peruvians believe it is importaint to stay close with relatives.


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