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Lifelong Learning

American Association of Adult & Continuing Education

The American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) supports adults in learning throughout their lives as a way to facilitate positive social change. The organization promotes the idea that helping adults gain knowledge and skills will help make the world a better place. The AAACE accomplishes these things by providing adult education opportunities, by teaming with adult educators, and by setting standards and working to advocate policies and initiatives.

The AAACE has sponsored annual conferences for the last 64 years. The conference themes vary, but they are always focused on ways to help provide more access to education for adult learners. The AAACE sponsors and works with several commissions and special interest groups to help meet its goals of providing adults with access to knowledge. Individuals can also apply to become members of the AAACE to support adult education.

The AAACE publishes several journals, including: Adult Education Quarterly, Adult Learning, Journal of Transformative Education, and Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education.

The Coalition of Lifelong Learning Organizations

The Coalition of Lifelong Learning Organizations (COLLO) was established in 1973. The COLLO brings together leaders and their organizations to advance adult education and lifelong learning.

It operates as a non-profit and makes recommendations on legislature at the state and national level related to adult education. Member organizations collaborate on many levels to improve adult learning and opportunities within and outside of the United States.

"With the growing importance of adult and continuing education to the United States, COLLO provides a forum for the exchange of information among member organizations. Coalition members review new adult and continuing education programs, national policy, and innovative examples of the use of technology.

COLLO plays an active role in promoting the best practices of adult, continuing education and lifelong learning." (COLLO, 2014)

Some past events that COLLO has been a direct influence on were the passing of the Adult Education Act and the creation of the National Institute for Literacy (NIFL).

Review of best practices and providing a forum for current and future issues help COLLO to take action against learning barriers and promote innovation. Resources such as publications, webinars, and technology updates are utilized by the COLLO. Knowledge and communication among organizations is shared through maintenance of COLLO initiatives.

National Institute of Adult Continuing Education

The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education is focused on human fulfillment and positive social change. The philosophy is to provide leadership in the adult education arena by unifying adult educators, creating opportunities as related to adult growth and development, promoting relevant public policy and social change.

This group has frequent conferences where continuing adult education is discussed; research, theory, information and best practices are shared to provide the most up to date aspects.

This group specifically addresses the population of adult educators and how to be successful in this field. Teaching methods for adults separated by age, education level or socioeconomic status are an example of the populations addressed.

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