Capitol Hill Headliner

Winter Break Edition

Have a Wonderful Winter Break!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Winter Break. We appreciate everything you do to support your child and Capitol Hill, especially during this time.

This week I have two updates:

  • Return to School Update
  • Winter Break Scavenger Hunt for Students!

SPPS Return to School Update

Good Afternoon Capitol Hill Families,

Last week SPPS announced that elementary schools will return to full in-person learning beginning on February 1. This comes after Governor Walz announced adjustments to the reopening guidelines based on recent data and information for our youngest students. At Capitol Hill this means:

Elementary School Learning Model Choice

We are currently planning for the return of elementary students in-person, however we do know there will be families who choose to have their child continue with distance learning through our Virtual Learning School option. Families now have until Friday, January 8 to select the Virtual Learning School model. If you have already chosen Virtual Learning School you do not need to re-enroll. If you would like to change from Virtual Learning School to in-person please contact the Student Placement Center.

You can enroll in the Virtual Learning School here.

I know that there are many questions you may have about both the in-person and Virtual Learning School. I will be hosting a parent forum to answer questions after we return from Winter Break. These will take place on:

Monday, Jan. 4th - 10am

Tuesday, Jan. 5th - 6pm

Links to these meetings will be sent out closer to the dates.


Below are answers to some common questions we have received thus far:

  • What does in-person learning look like?

    • Unlinke Hybrid Learning, full in-person students will be returning with their entire class. Students will be required to wear masks at all times except for eating. Teachers and staff will also wear masks and face shields.

    • Students will remain with their cohort of classmates throughout the day.

    • Specialist teachers (Art, Music, Science, Technology) will push into classrooms. PE will take place in the gymnasium.

  • Will my child remain with their current teacher?

    • If your child’s teacher is returning to full in-person and your child is returning to full in-person they will keep the same teacher. The class may add some new students from other classrooms as some classmates may move to the Virtual Learning teacher.

  • Who will be my child’s teacher if I select the Virtual Learning School?

    • In Virtual Learning School the goal is to have a Capitol Hill teacher teach your child. This may take place in a multi-age classroom depending on VLS enrollment.

  • When will I know my child’s classroom assignment?

    • Classroom assignments will not be made until after the January 8 deadline for enrolling in Virtual Learning. Once we have them completed we will share this information with you in mid-January.

Capitol Hill staff will continue to engage in planning for how we will address the needs of students who take math in a classroom other than their cohort classroom. We continue to receive updated guidance from the state and SPPS on issues such as this and will have additional information and answers to questions in the coming days and weeks ahead.

I hope you have a great Winter Break, and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns during this time as well.

Thank you,

Andrew Hodges

Principal, Capitol Hill

(612) 398-9579

Winter Break Scavenger Hunt!

This Winter Break we wanted to share a way for students to have fun during a break that is different from previous Winter Breaks. We hope this provides some fun for students and families alike! You can access the list at this link and it is also below:

Capitol Hill Winter Break Scavenger Hunt!

Complete as many of these as you can! Feel free to take pictures or video and post them to our Flipgrid:

1. Find a snowman (if it snows…make a snowman!)

2. Find a candy cane (real or fake!)

3. Count how many windows are in your home.

4. How many hours are there in Winter Break?

5. Take a silly picture with your family

6. Read a book with snow in it

7. Take a walk!

8. Watch a movie with your family

9. Find a Cougar (logo, statue, etc)

10. Play a board game

11. Do a puzzle

12. Drink hot chocolate

13. Make paper snowflakes

14. Have a dance party

15. Build a fort

16. Read 5 books

17. Wear pajamas all day

18. Bake cookies

19. Draw a winter picture

20. Write a thank you letter