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Aurora Community School

Can you believe it?! August has come and gone! It's been a first great month of school, getting to know each little one: their hopes, dreams and aspirations; and also beginning to learn the things they need from us to feel and be successful. We are excited to have everyone here, and are looking forward to a great September!


September 2: NO SCHOOL (Labor Day)

September 3-6: All School Field Work Experiences

September 12: Picture Day

September 19 at 5:30 pm: Back to School Night

September 27: NO SCHOOL (PD for Staff)

Reminder: Wednesday is an early release day; school ends at 2 pm!

Trimester 1 Theme

During Trimester 1, all students will be diving into the theme: Identity & Character. Students learn the power and importance of their voice by connecting with their self-identity and culture.


What characteristics do small creatures have to help them thrive? What are my characteristics? How do they help me thrive?

1st Grade

How do my family and culture stories help us learn more about myself? How do family and culture stories help me learn about others?

2nd Grade

Why is it hard for some children to go to school in their communities? How do communities solve these problems so their children can go to school?

6th Grade

How can enduring tremendous hardship contribute to personal transformation?

In order to prepare, students will read complex texts, write about the topics they study, and engage in purposeful conversations. In addition, students will have an opportunity to engage in field work experience to enhance the learning.

Field Work Experience

Our project based curriculum materials and instructional strategies provide a meaningful context for students to engage deeply with content and take ownership of academic skills. Students will engage in content by learning from experts in the field and contributing their ideas to actual local issues and dilemmas, tied to our themes.

During the first week of September, we will have the wonderful opportunity of exploring our essential questions through field work experiences. Over the course of the week, students will gather information from the various locations they visit, to answer the grade level essential question. Students will have the unique opportunity to visit various landmarks in our state and learn from members of our larger community, which is a foundational component to who we are as a school! We are excited to kick off Trimester 1 with such great opportunities to explore!

Excited to hear where your child will be going? A finalized list will be sent home on Friday, August 30th! And no worries, before and after care will continue as normal (6:30-6:30)!

FYI: Because we won't be in the convention center during the school day next week, the space we occupy will be utilized, while we are gone. Please don't be stressed, if the classrooms look a little different on Friday!

Back to School Night

We are excited to welcome families into the school, to meet the staff, learn more about your student's experience at school, and enjoy dinner with the ACS team!

MORE DETAILS TO COME! But, for now, hold the date: September 19, from 5:30-7 pm.

Free and/or Reduced Lunch Registration

EVERY FAMILY is required to complete a FRL application, so if you haven't please do so IMMEDIATELY. Please click the button above, then "register" to set up an account or simply login with your info from last year and complete the form.