3 Blind Mice v. The Farmers Wife

Kaitlyn Parrish

Monday 3:53 p.m

The mice began to run after the farmer's wife. She picked the mice up and cut off their tails.

The wife will be placed under arrest. The judge has set a bail of $12,000 until the petit jury has made a indictment. Once they have made their indictment it will become an arraignment. To summit all witnesses a subpoena will be done. It is illegal if someone in the jury lies this is called perjury. Lawyers of both sides will make an appeal.

The 3 mice and the farmer's wife will be put on trial. The trial will also include the judge, jury, and since the wife could not afford a lawyer she will have a public defender The judge will tell the the verdict made by the Grand Jury that is either acquitted or convicted. In this case the wife is prosecuted of a felony. If a defendant (the accused) is convicted he/she could do some plea bargaining for a lesser charge. The wife plea bargained her charge to a misdemeanor because the mice did chaser her.