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January, 2021

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Dear North Families

Happy New Year!!

We were thrilled to have welcomed our North cherubs back to in-person learning this week. Their faces, hard work, and resilience inspire us every day. As we continue to reflect on Growth Mindset, some of the character traits we know our students, teachers, and parents are gaining this year are resilience, perseverance, grit, and empathy. With this pandemic hopefully coming to end in 2021, we have so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to.

We continue to thank our families for working with us to keep our students safe while we work helping our students make academic progress here at North Elementary. We understand how difficult and demanding this year has been for our families. Most of the staff here are also parents of children who have been faced with modified school schedules. Our cohort model, and social distancing guidelines continue to make our schools safe. We understand receiving the COVID case notification letters can cause some anxiety for our families. Please take some comfort that due to our safety measures of social distancing and good hygiene, we reduce the number of close contacts.

To help provide additional live instruction, when students are home on their "in-person" days, teachers will be providing additional time for synchronous instruction (live in their Google Classrooms). You should have received your child's updated schedule from their teacher. Please have them log into their Google Classroom during those times as teachers will be providing live instruction. If you have any questions about your child's schedule, please email their teacher for clarification.

As you reflect during this new year, please be grateful for the accomplishments you have in your children. North Elementary is full of genuinely wonderful children, which can only be a reflection of the job you do every day as parents. The partnership we have with you is appreciated and so important to our students’ success. We can all be proud of what we do together! We look forward to continuing to work with you during your child’s education here at North Elementary. Have a great year!!!

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Dates to Look Forward To

Monday, January 18th - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day- No School

Tuesday, January 19th- PTO Meeting 6:00- Zoom link will be emailed Monday

Friday, January 29th - Report Card Portal Opens For Parents

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Dress Warm

As the weather continues to get colder……….

Please make sure students are appropriately dressed for the cold weather. Students will be going out as long as it is at least 22 degrees (including wind chill). If there is snow on the ground, students will be able to play in the snow as long as they have snow boots and appropriate gear.

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Student Council

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Student Council food drive. The food will be donated to our local food bank.


Our PTO is sponsoring a soup fundraiser that will also benefit our school. The Fundraiser will run until January 22nd. The bags will be delivered directly to the food bank once the fundraiser is over. For every 5 bags of soup a student donates through the website, they will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Target gift card. In addition, the class that gets the most donations gets a PJ day. The food bank runs at the Church of our Saviour and is also known as the Annelle Delorme-Hagerman Food Pantry Click on the link for more info and to make your donation.

The direct link is at -

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Research Evidence for Independent Reading and Reading Achievement

Research says that PRACTICE will help improve your child’s reading achievement. Having children read different sources will help them apply the strategies they are learning. Please continue to read with your child, or make sure they are reading every night. Engage their interest and help them realize all the things they can learn from reading.


Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher, Mrs. Woodcock or myself whenever you have questions. Your child’s teacher, however, should be your first contact to address any specific questions or concerns you may have as they may have the information you need. If they are not able to answer your question, feel free to contact me. Our goal is to ensure good communication between school and home. I will continue to be sending out my monthly newsletter via email every month. We also frequently use email to communicate any information you may need. You can contact any of the staff here at North Elementary by using their first name and their last name separated by a dot followed by For example, my email is

Don’t forget to sign up for updates from me via Remind at:

Grade Level Happenings


Preschool students were busy happily learning about different holidays and customs around the world during December. We had fun dressing up for the holiday dress up days at school! We also loved seeing Santa, listening to his stories, and sharing cookies and hot chocolate with friends! Finally, we learned about the importance of giving and thinking of others as we made special holiday crafts, ornaments, and Christmas gifts for our families.

As we look forward to the new year we are excited to get back into a routine whether we are in person or remote students. We will expand our communication, play, and academic skills as we explore winter themes and we will work on our social skills as we get to know our friends better as the year progresses.

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Happy New Year! The new year is kicking off with a new science unit Push, Pull and Go. Our kindergarten scientists will start by learning about different types of motion and the forces that cause them.

In math, we started Chapter 3. Students are learning how to represent, count, and write numbers 6 to 9. In this chapter they will learn that the next number when counting in sequence is one more than the previous number.

This month in reading, students will learn that verbs are words that tell about actions, or things that we can do. Readers will be making connections to better understand the text. Connections will include cause/effect, main idea/detail, and compare/contrast. As writers students will be starting to work on informative writing.

First Grade

Happy New Year from the first grade team! Our first priority is to review and re-establish routines and expectations for the learning ahead. In reading, we will unpack informative texts as they pertain to how students go to school around the world. The students will be comparing and contrasting their school experience to those of the children in the texts. The major focus of the first grade writing instruction and practice will also be informative pieces that provide facts and details about things we have learned about In math we are working hard on identifying and using addition strategies for problem solving. The goal is for the students to select an appropriate strategy and be able to explain their choice and model its use. We will also begin a physical science unit on the properties of light and sound. The students will continue to practice their sight word recognition, math facts, reading strategies, and phonics skills. We also look forward to sharing the first round of report cards with our families. Stay safe and healthy!!

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Second Grade

Happy New Year to our second grade families! We hope that everyone enjoyed spending time with family over the holiday break. Second graders did a great job transitioning to the week of remote learning following the holiday! We are ready to start a brand new year of learning!!

The new month brings new expectations for our students as we get ready to reflect and submit grades for our first report card of the year coming up at the end of January. In Reading, we have been gaining a better understanding of the structure of story and we will be looking deeper into how characters respond to events and situations they encounter. Using key details from the story, our students have been retelling and explaining the plot and how it develops.

Our young writers have been learning what is involved in writing a personal narrative. We’ve enjoyed seeing them develop a true story about themselves and using what they are learning to make their writing stronger. This month we will begin to explore informational writing! They will choose a topic, develop it by conducting research and using what they already know, and learn how to organize their writing. We can’t wait to see what topics they choose!!

In Math, we continue to explore numbers by learning strategies for adding and subtracting. We have learned how place value helps us compare numbers and we will learn how important it is for adding multi-digit numbers. Please continue to have your child use the Reflex program to assist them on mastering their addition/subtraction math facts.

As we move into the new year, please continue to encourage your child to use a growth mindset, do their best and show great effort. At North, we always reinforce the importance of being... Responsible, Respectful and Safe! Thanks for your continued support!

Third Grade’s cold outside! Welcome back from our winter break! Third graders are ready to roll, refreshed and eager to dive into new material. In math, students will continue with multiplication and learn strategies that will help them multiply fluently. Scientific investigations will continue with motion and matter. This will be a fun unit for students to explore. In ELA students will examine expository texts. Students will use their expository writing skills to create a piece in which they can show their knowledge about a topic. In reading they will examine how authors use facts and details to explain and support main ideas. Lastly, in social studies we will study the Puritans and their way of life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Happy New Year!

Fourth Grade

Happy New Year 4th grade families! During the month of January students will be wrapping up their multiplication unit in math and moving on to division with 1-digit divisors. Students will learn to divide in a variety of ways to build their conceptual understanding of division. Please encourage your child to get their green light regularly on Reflex to help practice and master their multiplication facts. Science classes will be wrapping up their work on soils, rocks, and landforms and starting a new unit of study on energy. They will be looking at different forms of energy as well as energy transfer. Students will begin by investigating electrical energy and circuits. In reading and writing students will begin learning about expository text. They will be reading different types of expository text and learning about the different organizational structures used in this genre. They will also learn strategies to create their own expository writing pieces. Students will continue working on grammar skills as well as reading strategies to apply to both their reading and responding to text. All students should continue to get their Lexia minutes in each week, which will further reinforce the language art skills they are learning in the classroom. Finally, in social studies students will begin learning about the regions of North America. Students will learn about the history of each region, it’s climate, landscape, economy, natural resources, and landmarks. We will begin by learning about the Northeast region.

Fifth Grade

Happy New Year fifth-grade families! We are certainly starting fresh in 2021, with new units launching in Math, ELA and Science.

In reading, we’re beginning our exploration of non-fiction with the text Real-Life Superheroes. Along with learning about text structure, we’ll be discussing and researching all the brave, determined, and selfless real-life superheroes we encounter every day. What a timely unit! In writing, we’ll be focusing on and practicing different types of expository writing, including “how-tos,” problem/solution, and compare/contrast essays.

In Math, the focus is shifting to Chapter 3: Decimals! By the end of this chapter fifth graders will be able to identify place value, round, compare/order, AND add and subtract decimals. Phew! Additionally, we’re excited to start our new Science theme - Mixtures and Solutions. The students will be engaging with the phenomena of matter and its interactions in our everyday life -- mixtures, solutions, solubility, concentration, and chemical reactions -- just call us Chemists!


January 2021

All of our North artists have been busy creating and learning while at home and in school! The winter season as well as the new year will be the inspiration for our artwork in the coming weeks.

Kindergarten ART

After reading and exploring the book Snowballs by Lois Ehlert, kindergarten students are building their own snow people collages. They are also beginning to learn about primary and secondary colors, as well as color mixing using paint. They will be incorporating their secondary color painted papers into their snow people collages.

Grade 1 Art

First Grade

First graders have been exploring patterns and creating their own line, shape and color patterns. Their painted patterns will be used in their penguin collages after looking at the shapes that make up these unique birds.

Grade 2 Art

Second Grade

Second graders have been practicing drawing a cylinder form for their mugs of hot chocolate. They are also creating line, shape and color patterns in their paintings.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Art

Third Grade

Third graders will be focusing on warm & cool color schemes and using different painting techniques to create their mixed media winter trees.

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders created their New Year citiscapes focusing on variety during at-home art. They had a choice of creating their citiscape using materials on paper or creating their citiscape using Google Drawings. Many decided to try both! We will be exploring tints and shades in the upcoming weeks.

Fifth Grade

Fifth graders created their New Year citiscapes focusing on variety during at-home art. They had a choice of creating their citiscape using materials on paper or creating their citiscape using Google Drawings. Many decided to try both! We are looking forward to completing our weavings while we are back in person.


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy New Year to you and your family. We hope this email finds you well. As the new year begins with remote learning, we wanted to reach out to you regarding tech support. Please contact us regarding any technology issues, questions or concerns you may have.

June Mitchell will continue having Tech Tuesday @ South on the first Tuesday of the month, and Chris Green will be doing the same at Chace; North parents and students may choose either for help, if needed. The link for the signups is on the school websites - June’s Signup is on the South website, while Chris’ is on the Chace website. This month it can be virtual via Google Meet. Please let us know if we can help with any technology questions or concerns. We can schedule a phone call or Google Meet to resolve technology issues as needed.

With the holidays just past, a number of our students have received new technology. If they are using their own (or a family device) to access their schoolwork, please see the link below. We STRONGLY recommend using the Chrome browser to do schoolwork, and this link ( will provide step-by-step instructions on how to connect to a school account.

June Mitchell is available by email ( and by phone at 508-324-3180.

Chris Green is available by email ( and by phone at 508-324-3160.

Best regards,

June & Chris

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From Our School Nurse

Happy New Year Families! I hope all of you had a wonderful and healthy holiday season! As we expected, we are seeing a steady increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in our community. The Somerset Public Schools and Somerset-Berkley Regional School districts are currently following the current DPH guidelines for close contact designation and quarantine. If your child is a designated close contact of a Covid-19 positive individual they are NOT allowed to come to hybrid in-person learning. They will have to remain at home for the duration of their quarantine. As long as they are able to attend their remote learning sessions, they will not incur any absences. Please contact the School Nurse if your child has been exposed to Covid-19 and they are quarantining. Testing out of a quarantine is an option, but it is very time-sensitive and must be done at exactly the right time to potentially clear your child to return to school early. Be advised that if the Covid-19 positive individual is someone in the household, and your child is unable to fully isolate from them, your child’s quarantine period will not begin until the positive individual’s 10 day isolation period is completed. For this reason, some of our students are out of in-person learning for several weeks when Covid-19 is present in the household.

Please screen your students daily before returning them to in person learning. Our class sizes are very small, therefore symptoms are more easily identified in our population. Any student with a runny/stuffy nose, nasal congestion, cough, difficulty breathing, loss of taste/smell, sore throat, headaches, muscle/body aches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue may be evaluated by the School Nurse as a potential Covid-19 risk. If your child is dismissed with Covid-like symptoms, they will be asked to remain at home for a 10 day duration. You may choose to return your child to school before the 10 day period if you are able to show that their symptoms are NOT Covid-19 by way of a Covid test. Testing is not mandatory, however, the CDC highly recommends and encourages all individuals with Covid-like symptoms to undergo testing.

Before returning to school, please reinforce school wide expectations with your children. They are still expected to respect social distance boundaries, especially in areas of play, such as recess and/or PE. Social distancing is the number 1 way to reduce the risk of your child having to quarantine as a close contact. Even siblings in our school are asked to remain 6 feet apart from one another. Please use this opportunity to discuss with your child that even though they may gather with friends at home, it is highly discouraged for them to be close here at school.

Provided the outdoor conditions are appropriate, the students are encouraged to participate in outdoor play. If there is snow outside, please send your child in with snow pants and appropriate footwear. Consider packing an extra pair of socks in their backpack!

I am still collecting proof of influenza vaccination. The deadline has been extended to February 28, 2021. If your child has been vaccinated, please send the appropriate documentation to the School Nurse. If you are opting out of the vaccine, you MUST provide written proof of exemption status for documentation purposes. As the deadline approaches, I will be reaching out to families if I have no influenza status on your child.

Please send your children with a filled water bottle. Upwards of 50% of children are under hydrated and dry mucous membranes are a source of infection. Our public water fountains are disabled so the students should be bringing their own water or other fluid replacement of your choice.

Our classrooms are still peanut free. Your child can have peanut products in the cafeteria with their lunch, however, their classroom snack must be peanut free.

For questions or concerns, I am available in the Health Office Monday-Friday 8:30-3:30 and via email in the evenings/weekends. 508-324-3170

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PTO meeting highlights from December 15, 2020:

1. Thank you to everyone who made a purchase from the school store. There were 36 orders placed totaling just over $2,000.00. The PTO will receive twenty percent of the total sales.

2. There are sufficient funds in the budget to be able to support field trips (virtual) this spring.

We are still looking for volunteers to support our school:

· If your schedule can get a bit crazy, then the volunteer group would be perfect for you. You can assist with any activities/functions throughout the year that are convenient for you. Your name would be placed on a list and if we need help, we would call you to see if you are available. If you are already busy that day, no worries, we would call you again the next time we need help.

· The yearbook group is great for any creative and artistic types. No more than an hour a month to help organize the pictures and create the yearbook layout.

If you are interested in being a volunteer on any of these committees, please email

Don’t forget to sign up for updates from Dr. Manchester via Remind at:

FlipGive is a way to support our school. Whether you are shopping online and/or purchasing gift cards, our school will earn a percentage of that sale. The website is Our team code is 5V9ZGY.

Register your Stop and Shop savings card with A+ Rewards. As you shop the school earns money. Our school number is 05994.

Box Tops for Education. Download the app; add North Elementary and once you are done shopping simply scan your receipt. The app also lists items that will give extra points when purchased. EVERY DIME COUNTS!


VIRTUAL BINGO will be coming in January 2021!!! The prize for getting BINGO will be a Target gift card! Don’t worry we have plenty to give out!

The school store shop will be coming back again in the Springtime.

Our PTO meetings are held on third Tuesday of every month at 6pm. Parents, teachers, guardians, and grandparents are welcome to attend. Our next meeting dates are January 19, 2021, February 23, 2021, March 16, 2021.

Follow us on Facebook @ North Elementary PTO Somerset