Week 29 of Kindergarten


Spring Portraits - Tuesday March 21st

Introducing Spring Portraits by Alvida Groom Photography.

  • Portraits will be shot outdoors in the natural surroundings.
  • Shots will be candid - allowing your child to be cute, funny, sweet and shy...!

In this special photo shoot your child can wear their favorite outfit " Free Dress Day" on your scheduled shoot day. See schedule below.


Please avoid large logos, hoodies, or sweatshirts. The best colors for pictures are bright and additionally, clothing that shows off lovely detail in the shoulder area.... sundresses, ties, collared shirts, pretty sleeves. All shots are shoulder up... Make sure your child is wearing Jeans or appropriate clothing for school. No ripped Jeans.

A couple weeks after the shoot, the e-mail with the link will be sent, where you will be able to view your child's portraits and purchase them if interested.

TUESDAY ( March 21st ) - Grades PK 3 & 4; Kinder and 6th

Green Meadows Farm field trip - Thursday

Detailed itinerary and chaperone list will go out this week.

Interested in purchasing class photo?? Let me know and I will send you details!

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Sight Words

List 1 - the, of, and, a, to
List 2 - in, is, you, that, it

List 3 - he, was, for, on, are
List 4 : as, with , his, they, I
List 5: at, be, this, have, from

List 6: or, one, had, by, words

List 7: but, not, what, all, were
List 8: we, when, your, can, said
List 9: there, use, an, each, which
List 10: she, do, how, their, if
List 11: will, up, other, about, out
List 12: many, then , them , these, so
List 13: some, her, would, make, like
List 14: him, into, time, has, look
List 15: two, more, write, go, see - Test will be on Friday, March 24th

March 21-23rd


Phonemic Awareness skills: initial sounds, rhyming, and blending with syllables.

We are continuing with our writing journal where students are able to illustrate and create sentences. Students are adding more detail to both their illustrations and writing.

Superkids Club: Rr

Print & Book Awareness

Track print and illustrations

Print Awareness & Phonics

Identify rhyming words
Associate Rr with /r/
Blend sounds to decode words


Discuss tools for cleaning and yard work

Understand synonyms for amounts


Generate questions to determine important ideas

Determine cause and effect


Read with natural phrasing

-Handwriting form Rr

-Expressive Writing: Write and dictate sentences, dictate a description

- Encode Rr for /r/ and other letter sounds
Encode rhyming and other words

Listening and Speaking
Discuss getting ready


Chapter 5: Addition

Rules of Number Sentences
As children first learn to read and write addition number sentences, it is important that they know a few basic rules about addition sentences:
1. It must have a plus sign (+)
2. It must have an equal sign (=)
3. The number (or numbers) on one side of the equal sign must have the same value as the number (or numbers) on the other side of the equal sign.

Composting and Decomposing Numbers

An important aspect of learning about numbers to 10 is to understand how to compose and decompose these numbers. Composing and decomposing a number are similar -- and often misunderstood -- mathematical concepts. "Composing" a number means to put two numbers together to make a number with the same value. "Decomposing" a number means to take a number apart to make two numbers with the same total value.


- What are Rocks?

- What is Water?


Lenten Journey:

Students will each have a "Lenten Good Deeds Chart". Each time Mrs. Ivette or myself witness a student doing a good deed, they are able to fill in their worksheet. Our goal is to have our stain glass windows full by the end of Lent.

Important Dates/Reminders

Tuesday, March 21st: Spring Portraits - info at the beginning of newsletter
Thursday, March 23rd: Field Trip to Green Meadows Farm
Friday, April 7th : Noon Dismissal
Saturday, April 8th : STJCS School Dinner/Auction - HAVANA NIGHTS
April 13th : Holy Thursday - No School. School closed
April 14th: Good Friday - No School. School closed
April 17th- 21st: Spring Break. After school open 7am-6pm
Friday, April 28th : No School. After school open