Dominique Dawes

By: Noelia Durazo

Dominique Dawes

DOB: November 20, 1976

POB: Silver Spring, Maryland

Zodiac Sign: SCORPIO

Dominique Dawes's Life

She was famous for:

Dominique Dawes was famous from being an artistic gymnast. She was known as “Awesome Dawesome.” She was in the national gymnastics team in 1994. She was also a World Championships silver medalist and a member of the gold medal winning.

Her Child hood

Dominique Dawes was first introduced to Kelli Hill. Dominique took gymnast lessons with her. Kelli Hill was Dominique's coach for her entire gymnast career. When Dominique was 9 years old she would write the word "determination" with crayon on a mirror in order to prepare herself for gymnastics meets.

Her Adult Hood

Dominique retired from gymnastics for good after the 2000 Olympics. Dominique's career has varied from the motivational speaking to a one-time stint on Broadway, appearing as Petty Simcox in Grease . Dominique Dawes has worked to encourage young people to be active, well serving as president of the Women's Sports Foundation and as part of Michelle Obama's "Let's Move Active Schools" campaign. She wants them to get up and move.

Something Important Dominique said:

"I love how gymnastics allowed me to push myself and find out what I was capable of accomplishing." - Dominique Margaux Dawes

"I know that people were watching that Olympics and they saw me grow up and succeed, and now that I am older, I realize I am a part of something bigger." -Dominique Margaux Dawes

Life Lesson

What I learned from this person is that even though she was small, she still went for gymnastics. She was about 6 years old. I learned that what she did was what she wanted to do, and she did it for many years. She became a gymnast and an actress. She also became an activist.

5 Words to Describe Her






Five Fast Facts

Dominique gave a speech to nearly 400 people in Central Michigan.

Made her dream of becoming a mother.

Was a three-time Olympian.

Starred in "Grease"

Also an actress.

Three important facts

Dominique was served as President for the Women's Sports Federation.

Having her first bay in March 2014.

She is an actress.

Life after Gymnastics

Dominique became an actress and an activist. She starred in Broadway's hit musical "Grease" also, in Disney Television, as well, she was in a music video for Prince. Dominique continues to live up to her nickname,"Awesome Dawesome", by giving back to the community.

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