What You Need to Know About GMO's

Have you ever wondered how food seems to last on the shelf forever?

Well, these long lasting foods are called GMO's. They are genetically modified to have a shelf life far longer than they would have in the old days. Unfortunately to do so, thousands upon thousands of gallons of fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides are sprayed on top of the very food we consume each and every day to make sure the food does not wilt quickly.
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These pesticides and fertilizers may seem like they are helping us but in the long run they are not. Thousands of poisonings, diseases, permanent disorders and deaths happen because of these chemicals. These chemicals are make the once natural food into a superficial and unhealthy substance.

Fertilizers and pesticides are not the only harmful thing about GMO's. They also:

  • Will harm the business of small farmers
  • Harm the environment by creating species of pests that become tolerant to the pesticides
  • Are essentially created by tampering with nature
  • Created for profit with little concern about the effects it has on the consumers
  • Above all, create serious health risks

This needs to end now!

If the fact that you are putting yourself and family in danger by consuming GMO's does not want you to put an end to the use of them, I do not know what will!