Welcome to Transylvania County, NC!

Located in the Mountain region

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This county was found in 1861. It got it's name from The Transylvania Company, which was a group of people that purchased lands in and near North Carolina. It's name has Latin origins: trans ("across") and silva ("woods").

Landmarks & Tourist Attractions in Transylvania

Two natural landmarks in the county are the Nantahala and the Pisgala National Forests. They are both great places to visit and explore!

The Brevard Musical Center, Brevard College and Looking Glass Falls are HUGE tourist attractions. All three of these locations are located in and near Brevard. If you live in NC and are bored during a weekend, visit these places!

County BOC and Manager

There are currently 5 members on the County Board of Commissioners. The County Manager is Jaime Laughter and she has been doing a lot for the community!

Other Counties

There are a few counties that border Transylvania County. They are Jackson County, Haywood County, Buncombe County and Henderson County, which are all located in North Carolina. There are a few in South Carolina: Greenville County, Pickens County and Oconee County.

County Seat

The County Seat of Transylvania County is the city of Brevard. The Mayor of Brevard is Jimmy Harris and it's City Manager is Jim Fatland. There are also six members on the City Council.

Tourist Attractions in Brevard

There are 3 main tourist attractions in Brevard. They are Triple Falls, Blue Ridge Community College and the White Squirrel Festival. There is also a White Squirrel Festival Run/Walk that takes at least a weekend to complete so if you want to contribute to the community then come exercise and have a great time!

The White Squirrel Festival

Saturday, May 23rd, 8pm

Brevard, NC, United States

Brevard, NC

Sponsored by the Brevard Rotary Club. 5K and 10K Fun Run!
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