GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms)

"They are't man-made so man should't be messing with them."

. GM technology has been around for the past 20 years

. When the U.S. adopted these crops the reduction of pesticide use was about 46.4 million in 2003

. These crops are sometimes used to feeding the hungry and malnurished

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. Because no one tells us whats in these foods or whats being done to these organisms people are starting to want to know more about whats going on

. In the future people can be more known about what is in these GMO's and be more aware

. Students can learn more about them and inform others about these organisms

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. Some of these GMO's are used as research for medical purposes

. Some of the GMO's are not of good use because they can mess with the way things grow

. Genetically Modified Organisms are any organisms whose genetic material has been altered (tampered with)