Community Supported Agriculture

The Benefits of the Movement, by Jordan Wilcox

What is CSA?

CSA is a movement that both supports local farmers and makes organic and locally farmed fruits and vegetables available to those who would like to have them. Consumers purchase a "membership" to a local farmer. In return, they receive a box of produce from that farmer each week. Included in the box is goods from that particular farm, namely various fresh fruits and vegetables. The resulting feeling of "shared risk" between the farmer and the consumer is a huge factor in the success of the movement: it brings people together.

Benefits to the Consumer

  • Fresh, organically farmed goods
  • Exposure to new culture styles of cooking through the community atmosphere
  • Farm visits
  • Develop a rapport with a local farmer

Benefits to the Farmer

  • Increased cash flow due to payments received from membership holders
  • Farmers have the opportunity to "market" their food to large quantities of people before the farming season begins
  • Farmers build long-lasting relationships with their customers


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