PartyLite Fund Raising 50%

Looking for someone to let me raise money for you!

Put a flame under your fund raising !

Make it happen.

Realize your goals faster with 50% profit! Quality candles and a simple selling process make it possible!

  • No upfront investment
  • Direct shipping
  • Personalized support from Tina Anderson- PartyLite Consultant

Make it easy.

Relax with no upfront investment, no sorting and no storing. PartyLite ships directly to the seller!

Make it simple.

Choose from three candle styles and ten fragrances. Plus, every step
of the way I will provided you with personalized service.

Calculate your Organization's Profit*

*Based on average selling price

Sell 50 candle sets: Earn $500

Sell 100 candle sets: Earn $1000

Sell 500 candle sets: Earn $5,000

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Tina Queen Anderson .. Partylite Consultant . Now booking show , Fundraisers and Hiring people for the job of their dreams.