Difference Between Polygons/Circles

By: Ajay Verma

The Differences between Polygons and Circles

As you might have noticed, our world is made up of polygons, circles, and a mix or both.

For example, look at the back ground of this presentation, what polygons can you find? Are they mainly Circles, Polygons, a mix of both? Take a moment to think about that.

But what REALLY makes the difference between our main shapes: Polygons, and Circles.

That is what I am going to explain to YOU today and I hope you love it!


Circles are ROUND and have NO sides. ALWAYS the interior sum will equal 360 degrees no matter what! In order to calculate the AREA of a circle you must use this formula: This is what makes a circle so unique!


Polygons HAVE more than 3 sides, and their interior angle can be calculated by this formula:

(n-2)180. To find the AREA of a polygon you must identify which polygon it is first so that you can use that polygon's formula to find it's area. With this formula you can then figure out the interior sum of your polygon!