Mesopotamian Culture

Hymans, Keary, Kurtz


Culture is a very important aspect of the Mesopotamian civilization. Culture is the way people are. It determines how people do things and gives them different traits, and beliefs. There is culture because it balances out the people in the world and it also gives us different beliefs. In Mesopotamian religion was in the form of gods, and prayers. Gods determined their daily life. The form of writing that they used was called cuneiform. (The word cuneiform means “wedged shaped.”) Writing was a lifelong innovation that would be used forever. In Mesopotamian cities the architecture went from little cottages to huge temples. The temples were called ziggurats and were run by priests. The innovations in Mesopotamia were all meant to help in the daily life style. For example, the wheel is still used today. The achievements in Mesopotamia were some of the finest builds ever. They had to teach themselves all about achievements while, all of the other civilizations learned from their ways.

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Fact Statement Religion

Religion controlled and determined most of people’s daily life activities.

  • Every city of Mesopotamia had it’s own god for people to pray to, so so there was a temple or ziggurat built in the center of each city.

  • People of a city believed that they had to live by the god of their city’s way of life.

  • The people took time out of their day or week to pray to their god in the temple or ziggurat.

Fact Statement Innovations

Innovations allowed for the creation of job specialization and a wider gap between social classes.

  • They were the first inventors of the wheel, allowing people to get jobs such as horse drawn cart drivers, and carriage drivers.

  • They invented the calendar, which allowed people to be able to keep track of time in seconds, minutes, and hours.

  • They developed the first government system, so people would be able to get a job involving government and leadership.

  • They invented the first writing system, allowing people to be able to put their language in the form of writing.

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Hymans, Keary, Kurtz Mesopotamia

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When the ancient river valley civilizations developed culture over time, it’s biggest impact was on it’s people. The daily activities people participated and were involved in were mostly determined by their religion. Once they developed writing, the way that records were kept and jobs were dealt changed completely. Science, engineering, and math was heavily affected by architecture. With new innovations, there became wider options for jobs and employment. The innovations were very important at the time because some of them, we depend on today. Achievements let government and economics become more complex. Some of modern people’s way of life today relate to what the Mesopotamian's did. We learned many things from them. Without the Mesopotamian's cultural way of life, we would not have many of our ways of how we do things and how modern civilizations are constructed today.