Why Did People Leave Germany

by Breckyn Bahr


Here are some of the reasons people left Gremany: unemployment, feat, poverty and natural disasters.

What was a Big Time Span When People Left?

Over 2 000 Germans left Germany in the years of 1750 and 1752. Most of the 2 000 Germans settled in Nova Scotia.


The new German flag.

The meaning of the colours of the flag: red, black and gold, it was a black eagle with red beak and claws on a gold field.

Old German flag.

The colours of the old german flag are black, white and red.

My Family

The questions on the checklist

1) In your family, who were the first members to immigrate to Canada?

-Julius and Helena

2) Approximately what year?

- 1915

3)What country did they immigrate from/ what cultural group is this?

- From Germany to USA

- It was a German cultural group

4) If possible, list reason for

- Homesteading

5) Where in Canada did they first settle?

- Broderick, Sask, Canada.

6) How did they travel?

- By wagon

7) What hardships did they face?

- August and Fredricka immigrated to Brandonburs, Russia, Germany to Ironridge, WI in 1872. They came to the USA through Ellis Island. They travelled with the Mormon wagon train to South Shore, South Dakota.

8) How did your family come to be in Alberta?

- My parents moved from BC for work.

9) What special cultural traditions have been passed down from generation to generation in your family?


10)Have you visited any cultural heritage sites linked to your ancestry? If not, have you heard of any?

- My dad visited the homestead in Broderick when he was a little boy.

Who were they?

- August Robert Bahr married Fredricka Kunz. They are my great, great, great, grandparents.

- ^They had Julius Robert Bahr who married Helena Giese. They are my great, great, grandparents.

- ^They had Clarence Robert Bahr who married Marjorie Spyker. They are my great, grandparents.

- ^They had James Robert Bahr who married Margret Ormiston. They are my grandparents.

- ^They had Jeffery Robert Bahr who married Michelle Lee Houston. They are my parents.

- ^They had Breckyn Jameson Bahr (me), Reid Keeley Bahr and Jordyn Randall Bahr.

I get my middle name from my grandfather James.