Great period of thinkers

What was this revolution?

When scholars challenged the ideas of the church. Scholars began to replace old assumptions with new theories, they launched a changed in European thought that historians call the Scientific Revolution.

Who were the Revolutionaries?

Nicholas Copernicus was a astronomer who denied that the Earth was the center of the universe but that the sun was and that the earth and all other planets revolve around it.

Kepler was Copernicus' student and math scholar who said that the motion of Earth and the planets motion is governed by math laws.

Galileo Galilei made his own telescope and observed distant space. He found that Jupiter had 4 moons, that the moon wasn't a pure substance and had rough and uneven surfaces, and even the sun had dark spots on it.

The impact on society.

Change in evidence today!


Today's scientist still use these scientist theory but with better technology.