American History I

Important Stuff

Important People

John Locke- English philosopher, believed people were born with rights of life, liberty, property.

Jonathan Edwards- Christian philosopher, believed people were to concerned about wealth. Was apart of the Great Awakening.

Nathaniel Bacon- Was a farmer, led the Bacon's Rebellion which disgruntled citizens rebelled against governor.

George Washington- Served two terms, he shaped the Executive&Judicial system, and he put down the Whiskey Rebellion.

Frederick Douglass- Was a famous Abolitionists, a runaway and educated slave and he attempted to educate and inspire revolts.

Important Places

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-Where The Constitutional Convention was held, which was an attempt to fix the Articles of Confederation.

Yorktown- The final battle of the Revolution

Jamestown, Virginia- The first successful colony/state

Seneca Falls, New York- The Seneca Falls convention for women's rights was held here in 1848.

Fort Sumter-Where the Civil War began.

Important Inventions

Cotton Gin- Was the main piece of economy for the south.

Bifocals- Created by Benjamin Franklin

Barbed Wire- Created by Joseph Glidden to keep cattle off the land

Colt 45- Was invented by Samuel Colt and used by many cowboy

Telegraph- Developed by Samuel Morse and it revolutionized long-distance communication.

Important Conflict

Colonist vs. King- Tea act, Townshed act, Stamp act, Proclamation act, and the Intolerable act.

Boston Massacre- In 1770 protesters confronted the British and the British killed 5 colonists.

War of 1812- A war over boundaries in North America.

XYZ Affair- France tried to bribe American Diplomats and tricked them which angered Americans who then became Anti-Frencn

Indian Removal Act- This placed Native Americans on reservations.

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