Virtual Reality in the Classroom

using ThinkLink 360 and sponsored by EduTech Training

Learn to embrace the powerful possibilities for teaching and learning with 360 images and virtual reality across all content areas and grade levels. Our Bootcamp promises to be bursting with enthusiasm and packed with pedagogy to help educators learn, share, and create 360/VR Lessons and student driven learning projects for use in the classroom. Our goal is to help educators feel confident and prepared to seamlessly integrate ThingLink 360/VR into the classroom.

Virtual Reality in the Classroom Bootcamp

Friday, July 21st, 8am-3pm

282 Main Street

Dansville, NY

Dansville Central Schools

282 Main Street, Dansville, NY 14437

Lunch is on your own

Presenter: Susan Oxnevad, Director of ThingLink Education

What's Included:

$175 per ticket

  • Includes a full year of the Thinglink EDU Premium ($120) with 360/VR editor and Teleport 360 Editor app for 1 teacher + up to 200 of his/her students

  • 6 hours of training & support
    -Full-day Bootcamps provide 6 hours of in-person training and collaboration.
    -Blended Learning option provides 3 hours of online training + 3 hours on site

What to bring:

ThingLink works across platforms on virtually any device. You will want to bring your preferred device plus the device your students will be using.

Things to bring if you have them

  • Laptop or Chromebook

  • iPad with the pre-loaded Teleport Editor App available from the Apps Store

  • Android tablet with the pre-loaded Teleport Editor App, available soon from Google Play

  • Your iPhone or Android phone, pre-loaded with Google Street View for taking 360 images

  • A 360 camera you might have available

  • A VR headsets available, such as Google Cardboard, Viewmaster, or any headset capable of holding your phone.

  • Headphones

  • Bring lesson plan you would like to develop


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Overview: What is interactive 360/VR?

  • The benefits of interactive 360/VR in the classroom: A pedagogical approach aligned to the SAMR model of tech integration

  • Hands-on: Try it! Add tags to a 360 image using our library of 360 images.

  • Lunch: Go out and take a 360 photo while you grab lunch

  • Tools and resources to capture content: 360 cameras, cc-licensed 360 images available for use by schools, working with 360 images

  • Hands-on Guided Learning: Create your own virtual lesson with support using ThingLink‚Äôs 360 editor on your laptop or using the Teleport 360 Editor app on your tablet. Integrate your favorite tools and school specific subscriptions within our flexible learning platform.

  • Publish and share: Learn ways to integrate a ThingLink into your LMS, or take advantage of a variety of ways to publish and share a collection of ThingLinks.

  • Join our Bootcamp PLN: We are building a robust network of educators with a tremendous amount of talent to help Bootcamp participants continue the learning when you bring ThingLink back to your school, We offer webinars, teaching ideas, and opportunities to share a screen to help educators successfully integrate ThingLink into classroom instruction.