The Great Game of High School

Aaron Donaghy and The GOeffect

Breakout Description

The Great Game of High School

Whether we have wanted to or not we have all played it. We have been willing participants in a game with clear winners and losers. In this breakout you will journey back to high school too and play the game one more time.

This is a game that GO uses with high school students to increase empathy, create space for meaningful conversations about student experiences, and to build community. The game is a safe and fun way to get students to talk with each other and have experiences in a way they have never had before.

Come and experience how GO challenges the status quo in order to inspire and train the next generation of leaders.


Flint Youth Theatre Studio 1

Aaron Donaghy

Aaron Donaghy is not your typical high school teacher. He has not reinvented the classroom, found the answer to education’s problems through online learning, or even seen a surge in test scores in his classes. He challenges the push for more curriculum standards, more content in less time, and repeated testing of students as downfalls of our current educational system. Instead, Aaron believes that there is a better way to develop students who will change the world. For the past fifteen years, he has pushed his students to realize their full potential and grow as leaders. He believes that through developing students’ sense of purpose, challenging them to become community builders, and then unleashing them to act, he can help create a generation that has the ability to change the world.
Aaron started GO four years ago as an avenue to create opportunities for students to develop into leaders who will change the world. By providing a direct link between students’ lives and the global community he believes students would be inspired to act. Four years later, the students in GO are directly responsible for community development both locally and globally. GO has evolved into a non-profit that is on a mission to inspire student leaders to believe they can achieve the impossible. These students move beyond the textbook to begin to question and seek their purpose. They gain perspective of the world around them by seeing themselves as leaders in community development both in their communities and also in the global community. The students move (they GO) and by moving they see how great their potential truly is.


By developing a GROWTH MINDSET, building EMPATHY, taking ACTION and accepting RESPONSIBILITY, GEARup2LEAD aims to inspire and educate heroic leaders.