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Solar is Everywhere

If you have ever made sun tea or hung a cloth in the sun to dry, you have used solar energy. Solar energy helps plants grow, so when you eat vegetables you are consuming stored solar energy which was developed by a process called photosynthesis. If you open your blinds to use the sun to light your home, you are passively using solar energy.

Solar energy can be used to heat spaces in homes, greenhouses, businesses and other buildings. It can also heat water to be used in homes, businesses and in swimming pools.

Solar Energy Facts for Kids

Facts for Kids

Solar Energy Facts

Solar energy is energy from the sun.

Solar energy is also referred to as solar power.

Solar energy is a free and clean energy source.

Solar energy drives climate and weather and supports all life on Earth.

Solar energy is renewable energy source .

Solar energy is very reliable energy source.

Solar energy's use should be gradually growing in years to come.