Children In Nigeria

By: Jamie Huesca

School Time

The school year in Nigeria runs from January through December. There are three semesters, with a month off following each one. For example after one semester of school they get a month off. Like a vacation.

Play Time

Soccer is played all over Nigeria, as in much of Africa. Volleyball, wrestling and boxing are also popular. There is a board game called ayo  which is played by two people using seeds and a board that has twelve cups. Checkers and various hand-clapping games are  big there too. To the side there are some small Nigerian children playin soccer. Soccer is played all over Africa. Some children even play instruments to pass the time too. They play all sorts of instruments especially drums. Some of the drums are made from dried animal hides.

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School Children

What do they eat?

Nigerian children sometimes eat Spicy pepper soup which consists of hot chili peppers, onions, fish, or meat. Another food they eat is platains which is a member of the banana family. They can be stewed with meat, fried, made into pasteries or even toasted.


This is the Nigerian flag painted on a little boy.
This is a child revieving a polio vaccine. Very few kids have the money to recieve these vital vaccinations.